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Su libro The Naked Ape (El Mono Desnudo), publicado en , es una Desmond Morris writes from a zoologist’s perspective and tries to describe man as if. El Mono Desnudo by Desmond Morris, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Available now at – ISBN: – Encuadernación de tapa blanda – DEBOLS!LLO – Book Condition: Nuevo – COLECCIÓN.

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Ho tentato, e ho anche apprezzato questo punto di vista, per l’epoca sicuramente nuovo. With the help of neoteny, the retaining of youthful traits into adulthood, all this explains our appearance as the naked ape. The book falls apart in the details though– sweeping generalizations and odd assumptions about sexual behavior and gender roles and cultural supremacy without any supporting proof.

Paperbackpages. Depending on the environment means not traveling too far and remaining close, thus reducing the need for defense of home as well as needing to know what others are up to as they aren’t far. La mujer desnuda es su ultima gran obra.

Want to Read saving…. Published September 19th by Createspace first published If only I’d chosen a normal school instead. The discussion of these topics – the evolution of religion in particular – is where this book has become somewhat obsolete, as the recent interest in human evolution has increasingly focused on the development sesnudo vastly increased intelligence and the capacity for abstract thinking.

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El Mono Desnudo : Desmond Morris :

To get to that point we had to overcome the other predators, but with inferior equipment so to speak; no fangs or claws. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Ad esempio, questo libro risponde alle domande: Ironically, Morris suggests, the naked ape’s first step toward salvation will be the recognition of his true nature. Desmond John Morris is most famous for his work as a zoologist and ethologist, but is also known as a surrealist dsenudo and desnuddo.

It’s greatest value is in instigating thought on the subject.

We are more animals then we claim and pretend to not be. Se l’intenzione era di parlare Ho tentato in ogni modo di accettare il fatto che sia un testo molto datato, che alcune teorie siano superate, e che comunque sia il primo libro che tratta dell’uomo dal punto di vista zoologico, scimmia tra le scimmie, e non come creatura diversa da ogni altra.


I spent a year in Marbury, a non-authoritarian school modelled on Dedmond. Our behavior has evolutionary lobro even many behaviors we define as cultural have their basis in our prehistoric dog-eat-dog, survival-of-the-sexiest past. Vestiges of our ape life are our greater reliance on sight at the expense of smell and a more various taste palate.

Ho tentato in ogni modo di accettare il fatto che sia un testo molto datato, che alcune teorie siano superate, e che comunque sia il primo libro che tratta dell’uomo dal punto di vista zoologico, scimmia tra le scimmie, e non come creatura diversa da ogni altra.

El mono desnudo

I still will give a chance to The Human Zoo because I also have it around A fascinating read by a great thinker. There is a bibliography at the end for those who want to see where he morri his information and inspiration. It’s an interesting idea.

Provocative form the first page, this assay of Desmond Morris has left a deep mark on the scientific career of many people. Present day sensitivities aside, Morris is nevertheless quite forward-thinking and the intellectual merits of the book by far exceed whatever flags might be raised by dewnudo inner-p.

El Mono Desnudo – Un Estudio Del Animal Humano

His ideas sometimes lean dangerously towards social Darwinism– minority cultures with “bizarre” practices are aberrations in human evolution, and their behaviors can be dismissed as irrelevant to the discussion of human behavior.

An incredible study of man, viewed as an animal. If one can manage to make it past some of the glaring errors in his work at one point he suggests that women evolved a trait because it was evolutionarily better for men – ‘Uh, Desmond? This isn’t all bad, as the predator life means some degree of male solidarity. You could do better today.

El Mono Desnudo by Desmond Morris (5 star ratings)

I know others will attack the author as chauvinistic not only in regards the sexes, but cultures as wellbut still, hey, the book can just be considered food for thought. To go forward we have to take an honest look at where we came from.

Most of his observations are comparative, highlighting similarities and differences between other mammals, notably the chimpanzee. Do this often enough and you’re statistically bound to get it wrong sooner or later.


La mujer desnuda es su ultima gran obra. The modern reader will recognize all too well that the book’s imperative rings even truer today, despite Morris’ having to sound like a fanatic at the time of its initial publishing. Maybe that’s ridiculous– I want to read a book that presents and backs up these theories with actual data. The time has come: But truth be told, the next year I spent a year in Marbury, a non-authoritarian school modelled on Summerhill.

Millions of years ago in Africa, during the Miocene, the forests started to disappear, and the apes could either cling onto whatever was left, or leave the “garden of Eden” and enter into competition with the predators on the ground. Books by Desmond Morris. How our family structure is set? He tends to invent just-so stories, and then act like they’re proven fact rather than what they are Our predator life involves traveling greater distances to find game, rather than remaining close to the trees, having a home base to protect and return to, and having regular meals rather than momentary snacking.

It embodies precisely the type of popular-science literature I love to read: Having been first published in the 60’s, “Naked Ape” is somewhat outdated.

Then again, a lot of scientists could benefit from that advice. Want to Read saving…. If The Naked Ape desnkdo a person I would marry it in a heartbeat under whatever terms it wished, and I would be more than happy to give my body over to producing as many of its children as I could because a book like this deserves to bear children more than most of us do. There are some interesting parts though, I loved the chapter about grooming and fighting sad to see that he left out the vastly different way men and women fight, but oh, I forgot, women don’t.

The book is full of interesting speculations about behavior, always trying to link us to our animal nature.