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Guzmán Ariza, Attorneys at Law Company Law (“Ley de Sociedades”) #, effective Dec. 11, , as amended by Law. # of Feb. Company Law (“Ley de Sociedades”) #, effective Dec. . Bolsa de Valores de la República Dominicana (), created in. Ley No. , sobre Las Sociedades Comerciales y. Empresas Individuales de Responsabilidad Limitada, en República Dominicana.

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Many law firms retain shelf companies that are ready to go and available for purchase at a premium price. All security offerings must be public. Securities are placed on either the primary or secondary market, and can be issued either in dominkcana form as a stock certificate or in electronic form Art.

Closed funds involve investments in securities and commodities that are designated by law to have a fixed expiration or maturity date. Securities issued for the first time are offered to investors through the primary market, and are typically placed by companies to raise capital to start or expand operations.

RD entrega en la COP23 su tercera comunicación nacional sobre cambio climático

Transfer of the business signifies the sale of the business. If your attorney does not guide you in selecting the best company structure for your needs by explaining the advantages and disadvantages of the various options, change your attorney. A public offering is an invitation delivered to the public via some form of mass communication to sell, purchase, or trade securities.

The National Council repub,ica Free Zones shall require an annual investment report, audited dominicnaa a firm of authorized public accountants, showing the amount of exempted investments and the use given to such resources. The representatives of the operators and of the associations of free-zone corporations may be represented by deputies designated before the National Council on Free Zones. Paperless or electronic securities are also available reducing the risk of loss, theft, or forgery, and improving the speed of transfers, liquidation, and compensation.


Pay the organization tax Be forewarned that Dominican company organization taxes are higher than those imposed on American companies. Our knowledge of company law is widely available, respected, and regularly referenced, and covers company formation, rdpublica governance, mergers and acquisitions, and dissolution; and related business areas such as contracts, employment, labor, company finance, company tax, litigation, dispute resolution, and intellectual property.

There is no limit on the maximum. Managers must be natural persons, not other companies. A summary of such request will be published in the written media during two 2 consecutive days, so that any individual or body corporate may have the opportunity to oppose it.

Local branches of foreign companies receive the same tax treatment as Dominican companies and are subject to the same local laws and regulations in labor and other matters. Clearing a company name can be time consuming as most commonly selected names are already in use by others. Securities are placed domjnicana either the primary or secondary market, and can be issued either in paper form as a stock certificate or in electronic form Art.

Finally, the law expressly permits the sale of approved securities in foreign currency and the payment of dividends in the dominciana consigned in the certificate.

Constitution of the Dominican Republic

Such regulations should be completed within a period of time not exceeding ninety 90 days from the enactment of this Law. They are the only entities that can raise capital through public stock offerings. Administrative fines ranging from 50, to 1, pesos approx. Good for individually owned businesses.

For companies operating on a fiscal year, tax returns must be filed within days from legally precribed year-end dates. These vehicles shall be non-transferable for at least five 5 years. Annually and filed with the DGII even if the company had dominiczna income or business activity.

The definition includes stock shares, stock options, bonds, warehouse receipts and other documents representing present or future commodities, certificates, debentures, securitized forms of debt, and any other type of negotiable commercial document. A management supervisor is not required. Any individual or company that violates the law is subject to administrative, civil, and criminal penalties.


Four structures are used most often in the Dominican Republic. Registration Once the offering is approved, the securities and issuer must be registered with the Securities Exchange Registry, which will publish for public notice the name of the issuer, the types of securities and their ratings, and the broker handling placement of the securities on the exchange.

Together, the two have contributed to preparing regulations to assist existing companies in the transition to current Company Lawand have co-authored additional articles on the SRL LLC company structure in the only Leey law review, Gaceta Judicial.

The Application The application requirements differ for a foreign applicant and a domestic applicant.

MGI Accountant – Firma de Auditores y asesores

Companies must withhold and pay the required taxes on stockholder dividends, employee payroll, and payment to individuals. No management supervisor is required, except in special circumstances. Civil and criminal penalties are imposed by the courts and consist of a monetary fine between a half million and five million Dominican pesos approx.

Minutes of the meeting must be recorded with the Business Registry. The lack of such regulations, however, shall not hinder the application of this Law. The value of company shares as well as its capital can be stated in foreign currency. The most common structures available for investors to establish a local subsidiary as an independent local business entity in the Dominican Republic are the Limited Liability Company, the Corporation and the Simplified Corporation.

Formation should be republic to fit the needs of company members.