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No matter what solution was chosen, it became one of the reasons for the messed up book release chronologies for those countries only aggravated by both the later addition of Youngand Marshal Blueberry book titles as well as the aforementioned publishing wanderingsconfusing readership, especially in Germany.

Corteggiani took a shining on the newcomers and took them under his wing. As an aside, I humbly apologize to the respectable professors and other eminent historians who have rock solidly believed in it, and who have overwhelmed me with requests for my sources.

I acquired a lot of leitnant pictures of the era, representing southern plantations, black slaves in cotton fields, scenes of the Civil War, trains, forts, Mississippi Show Boats Very eager to return to Los Angeles as Jodorowksy requested his presence again, Giraud — who had returned to France for his other work during one of the lulls in the Dune production — greatly accelerated his work on bblueberry Face”, then underway, breaking his “absolute record speed-drawing”, as he had coined it, and sheared off weeks from its originally intended completion date.

The English language edition of these books by Catalan Communications in their “ComCat” line, gave track of the changes and presented the left out panels in editorials bluebdrry which Giraud himself presented clarifications for the choices made.

As a token of goodwill, a relieved Springer, as they now could turn over the current contractual obligations without much further ado, even allowed the French-language version of ZackSuper Asto run for a few issues longer in order to allow as many series as lleutnant to complete their magazine run, which included “La longue marche”. A third spin-off series, coined Blueberrywas conceived by original creator Giraud in the earlys, intended as leutnannt bonafide sequel series.

The Lofficier couple, whom she met at the San Diego ComicCon, were hired as editors, which eventually led to the Epic publications.

In post-war Europe, it has been tradition to release comics in “pre-publication” bueberry serialized magazine episodes, before publication as a comic book, or rather comic album in North-American understanding though, ” graphic novel ” is the more applicable terminology in this case, the distinction being a non-issue in native Francetypically leuynant a one to two year lag.


Retrieved 7 July After I had finished the first Marshal BlueberryI did not want to do all the work alone anymore. That Rouge’s style resembled that of Giraud, was hardly a surprise, as Rouge was actually not a stranger to Blueberry. Graphitti Designs releases European standard size hardcover graphic novel format in dust jacket.

English translation by R. No post-original creators editions have seen the day of light in the English language as ofbut, like the source series, the Young Blueberry spin-off series did see translations in numerous languages, the three titles by the original creators and the Wilson outings specifically, but appreciatively less so for the subsequent releases.

How far Giraud actually already was in his thinking letunant exemplified by the inclusion of his art featuring Blueberry with Hopi tribesmen, endowed with the caption “In Hopi Towns”, [] as the interior flyleaf illustration for the regular “Arizona Love” French book release, [] reprinted as such, without the caption, in the last Graphitti Designs release, Moebius 9.

Stunned by the sudden death of his longtime co-worker, it took Giraud nearly five years before he could bring himself to embark on Blueberry again as artist, after completing “Arizona Love”.

Leutnatn this was a special case, a kind of favor from a friend. Gilles Ratier though, has noted that Charlier, when he felt he was preaching to the choir, had the tendency to “take liberties” with actual events for dramatic effect. It turned out that Philippe was actually picking up where his father had left off. Very artistically, he replied: De Telegraaf in Dutch.

Blueberry (comics) – Wikipedia

glueberry Want to Read saving…. It coincided with the break between Jean-Michel and Dargaud, where questionable issues in regard to authors’ rights were in play. After enlisting in the Union Armyhe becomes an enemy of discrimination of all kinds, fighting against the Confederates although being a Southerner himself, first enlisting as a bugler in order to avoid having to fire upon his former countrymenlater trying to protect the lehtnant of Native Americans.

However, Giraud was nowhere near able to take on bluberry another major series himself, as he was still working on his Incal series as Moebius, besides having embarked on Blueberry again.

Published by Delta first published Actually, and by his own admission, Charlier had originally written McClure as a temporary, minor background character, but Giraud was so taken with the character that he asked Charlier to expand his role in the series, and which stands out as the earliest known instance of Giraud exercising influence on the scripts of his senior colleague.


Leutnant Blueberry – Das eiserne Pferd

In the first album, Blueberry was called Steve. Actually, he and Wilson had already started their own Thunderhawks comic series before Charlier died, [] an aviation comic set shortly after the first world war in the American South-West, but which had to take a backseat due to the fact that the Blueberry series took precedence. Aside from this, Dargaud made use of the opportunity to clean up the by then muddied release chronology, by formalizing the establishment of the three series and restarting the album numbering for each in reprint boueberry.

To have Blueberry come across as a non-conformist, I described him right from the start as uncombed, disheveled, unshaven, broken nosed, etc. Additionally, Giraud also scripted the intermezzo series Marshal Blueberrybut blueberrg no creative input for the La Jeunesse de Blueberry prequel series, after the first three, original volumes. Open Preview See a Problem? To bluebberry what your friends thought of this book, please sign leuntant.

It is true that [the art for] “Le hors-la-loi” “The Outlaw” had been quite weak, but “Angel Face” made up for it”.

Leutnant Blueberry Der Geisterstamm: BD 23 : Jean-Michel Charlier :

And why this ridiculous name Blueberry? While the removal of individual panels was regrettable from bluebetry graphic art point of view — as it, besides the missing art, also broke up the integrity of Giraud’s carefully designed page lay-outs, especially in ” Mustangs” [] —it entailed no consequences for the plot of the shorts, save the first one; in “Blueberry’s Secret” the in the synopsis mentioned Long Sam had witnessed the murder Blueberry was accused of and therefore able to prove leutnamt innocence, but is gunned down before he is able to do so by the real murderer, who in turn is gunned down by Blueberry, leaving Blueberry without any recourse to prove his innocence.

It should be noted that album publication of blueberrry Navajo”, due the fact that Charlier had chosen to disseminate the title outside the French, Spanish and Portuguese language areas in magazine syndication, has posed problems for publishers in other language countries, especially in Germany and north-west Europe, when Blueberry broke out leutnannt popularity in the late s—early s, well before the syndication term was to expire in France Loisirs for its main series releases.