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Find great deals for Sony Bravia KDLXBR4 46″ p HD LCD Internet TV. Shop with confidence on eBay!. KDLXBR4. 46″ Class BRAVIA® XBR® Series LCD TV (” Diagonally). Key Features. bit Full HD p Panel (x)5. Sony Corporation. LCD Digital Color TV. (1). KDLXBR4. KDLXBR4. KDLXBR4. KDLXBR5. KDLXBR5. KDLXBR5.

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I constantly found myself punching the Home key by accident and then it took me two or three keystrokes to return to where I was.

Yes, the blacks here are very good, but I’ll continue to want more until we have the blacks that once were available in the very best CRTs! In that spirit, they could have located the Jump key next to the Channel rocker. They allow 15 daysof in-home use for you to find any problems.

It’s similar in many respects to the 46XBR2, but offers significant improvements. Log in or register to post comments.

It remains grey when Night or dark scenes are on the screen. To complete the effect, the kit comes with a matching 46xbr stand. Posted May 4, 2: But I haven’t yet heard a television audio system that is. The remote lights up blue when you punch the Light button. Best Selling in TVs See all. The Sony offers all the usual features of a fully equipped set, including multiple aspect ratios, a code programmable multi-component remote, Parental Lock, and standard video adjustments.

Considering the physical limitations imposed by a thin, flat panel enclosure, it was surprisingly listenable for non-critical use. When we now go into an electronic store, we can’t find a TV which looks as good as our fully adjusted Sony. The sleek design allows the TV to blend in with my other furnishings. Just make sure it is in a well ventilated area, I’ve heard that is what causes clouds. As a videophile bonus, you can tweak the effect with the DRC Palette’s cool graphical interface in the Picture Settings menu.


There are three ways to do this: The Countdown Will Be Televised. If it annoys you, then you should look for a TV like this one that plays at Hz. They arrived exactly on time. This is where 46xhr4 stand. But after living with this Sony for a couple of weeks, I can definitely discern the lineage of an old fashioned TV.

Sony Bravia KDLXBR4 LCD Digital Color TV | Sound & Vision

We really like to watch sports and this TV keeps up with the fast paced 46xbr44. Leave this field blank. I am very disapponted. I am very happy I chose this Sony TV.

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You call it up via the remote’s Home button. You could easily see the soft edges on Gladiatorfrom any distance, but from eight feet or so it produced a solidly enjoyable image. Motionflow Hz with Full HD high frame rate Motionflow detects incoming video signals and applies the proper processing for optimized motion reproduction without the need for 3: Of the commercially available flat panel sets I’ve seen—LCD or plasma—only the new Pioneer plasmas, and to a lesser extent the latest Panasonic plasmas, excel this set.

I could live happily with the XBR4 over the long haul. You must realize though that if you tweak a knob too far, it may improve one characteristic of the image while introducing an unwanted artifact somewhere else. Once a DMe X accessory is installed it integrates seamlessly into the set’s menus. You can see it here.


Sony Bravia KDLXBR4 46″ p HD LCD Internet TV | eBay

Conclusion You won’t necessarily get the same results I did from the Sony by just plugging it in and turning it on. I have a patch in the left hand bottom corner that does not draw black very well. In the XBR4 the upconversion 46xbd4 controlled by the setting of the Motion Enhancer control, and Motionflow is Sony’s moniker for the technology activated by the Motion Enhancer. The Tree Of Life.

When I streamed the show from the Fox website, I was amazed at how well the picture held up even when I expanded the playback display to full screen.

The order was shipped one dayafter I placed it, they called two days in advance to set upa time that was convenient for me and also called one hourbefore the actual delivery. Posted Sep 15, Music From Big Pink. Leave this field blank.

Have you or anyone come accross this with the Bravia’s and is there a remedy as it is a spoiler for an otherwise great TV. These three major categories are arrayed horizontally; select any one of them and a vertical menu appears to show your options.