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Heterosis breeding is used to improve yield quantity and quality of Tomato ( Solanum Exploitation of hybrid vigor in Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) is economical and easy International Journal of Vegetable Science. study. Yield and leaf area showed highly significant heterosis in F1 hybrids ranging from to % and .. Harayana Agricultural University Journal of. Seven F1 wheat hybrids were tested at two different spacings of the plants within the rows. Although some crosses exhibited heterosis none yielded significantly.

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Journal Agronomi Indonesia, heterlsis 3— In general, these results indicated predominance of GCA effects in relation to SCA ones, which means predominance of additive effects on height characteristic before and afterwards fruiting ; days to flourishing; fruit length and diameter, and number of fruits per plant.

Therefore, there is a possibility of hybrid exploitation as well as development of superior lineages from the progress of segregating generations. Diallel analyses and estimation of genetic parameters of hot pepper Capsicum chinense Jacq.

Heterosis Dan Heterobeltiosis Pada Persilangan 5 Genotip Cabai Dengan Metode Dialil

Fifteen hybrids were obtained from diallel crosses of six genotypes of C. This study discloses results of combining ability of Capsicum annuum jurhal and identifies superior hybrid combinations that are potentially useful as new cultivars of ornamental chili pepper.

Combining ability and heterosis for agronomic traits in chili pepper. Potencial ornamental de acessos de pimenta.

Latvian Journal of Agronomy, 45 17— Analysis of variance ANOVA with basis on the averages of each treatment was conducted for quantitative data.

Jurnal Hortikultura, 22 2— Research Heteroiss and combining ability for ornamental chili pepper. Study of heterosis in Bangladesh Chili Capsicum annuum L.

Tinjauan terhadap produksi, konsumsi, distribusi dan dinamika harga cabe di Indonesia [Review of production, consumption, distribution and price dynamics of chili in Indonesia]. Ornamental in-pot heterrosis for indoor decoration requires low plant height Carvalho et al. Therefore the heterosis effect to create Jurnl hybrid could be expected on the 4 genotypes of F1.


These studies described a negative correlation between fruit size and number of fruits per plant, indicating that lower values of fruit size enable greater production of fruits per plant, an association that grants better attractiveness and harmony in ornamental ambiance.

Heterosis studies in chilli Capsicum annuum L. However, estimations of genitor effects and F 1 hybrid mean squares, in accordance with Method 2 and model 1 from Griffing, evidenced predominance of additive effects for almost every evaluated characteristic, except for GCD and DFR that had greater influence of dominance effects Table 2.

Study on combining ability and heterosis of yield and its components in pepper Capsicum annum L. The following fruit characteristics were evaluated: Jurnal Agronomi Indonesia, 39 2— Pollen of each parent was stored in refrigerator inside of properly identified amber glasses containing silica gel.

Gadjah Mada University Press.

Breakthroughs in the Genetics and Breeding of Capsicum and Hetrosis p. Heterosis dan daya gabung karakter agronomi cabai Capsicum annuum L. Estimation of heterosis, dominance effect and genetic control of fresh fruit yield, quality heterpsis leaf curl disease severity traits of chilli pepper Capsicum annuum L. Experiment was conducted from July to November and designed in Randomized Complete Block with three replications. These authors also reported the importance of small-sized fruits and in large quantity per plant, providing greater attractiveness for chili pepper plants.

Keywords Capsicum annuum L.

In hybridization stage, the plants were cultivated in greenhouse structure Morpho-agronomic characterization was jurna, considering different parts of plants, according to Capsicum genus descriptors proposed by IPGRI and some modifications proposed jurnnal Silva et al. Fruit diameter had the greatest variation amplitude in averages, varying from 8.

Phenotypic diversity, correlation and importance of variables for fruit quality and yield traits in Brazilian peppers Capsicum baccatum. Download full text Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages. Fruit weight and fruit number per plant heterosis occurred successively 2. The averages for HET1 varied from 6.


Crossings were managed by sampling newly opened floral buds of each male parent for pollen withdrawal. Positive heterosis for plant height range from 1.

Heterosis and combining ability for ornamental chili pepper

Breeding programs can use heterosis and combining ability information, aiming to commercially explore hybrids or develop populations for lineage selection with desirable characteristics.

Another desirable usage for chili pepper is garden cultivation, in which higher plants can be used. To the expansion and valorization hfterosis this market segment, new products are required to supply the demand and attract potential supporters of the ornamental plant consumption.

Retrieved from website Sharma, V. However, for ornamental purposes, small-sized plants are preferred for pot cultivation. Heterosis calculation was carried out based on the average of parents according to formula: Brazilian ornamental pepper heterosia program: Pollination was carried out by placing pollen grains of each male parent on each emasculated flower stigma.

Ornamental use of Capsicum genus chili peppers has expanded due to easy seed propagation, short germination period, diversified fruit colors and harmony of potted plants.

Gene effect and heterosis in Capsicum baccatum var.

Heterosis Dan Heterobeltiosis Pada Persilangan 5 Genotip Cabai Dengan Metode Dialil – Neliti

Negative heterosis for DFL and DFR indicate reduced number of days to flourishing and fruiting, with the early genotypes acting as the most appealing for producers Blat et al. Jural Agronomi Indonesia, 38 3— Retrieved from website Khalil, M. Aiming to develop new cultivars for ornamental chili pepper market, and considering a chili pepper ideotype proposed, which consists in small-sized plants up to 30 cmprecocious in days to flourishing and fruiting, and in high number of fruits per plant, the following hybrids could be recommended: African Journal of Agricultural Research, 8 29—