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The Neon Bible [John Kennedy Toole] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. John Kennedy Toole—who won a posthumous Pulitzer Prize for . John Kennedy Toole, Author, W. Kenneth Holditch, Introduction by a writer who later far surpassed it, The Neon Bible is a compendium of authorial first steps. The The Neon Bible Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context, by John Kennedy Toole.

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Chapter One – First Impressions. The manuscript languished in a drawer and became the subject of a legal battle among Toole’s heirs. I tried that once. Only two novels, but in their breadth and depth, they constitute testament to a genius.

When you are an outsider in the rural South, you know it. Yeah, I’ve placed this on the back-burner a several times before. To ask other readers questions about The Neon Bibleplease sign up.

The Neon Bible by John Kennedy Toole – The Neon Bible

Neon Bible is a piece of juvenilia that only saw the light of day due to the smashing success of Duncesand was written by a raw and developing talent. He fears breaking any social mores, though it is not evident how he hible what those boundaries are.

The understated emotion of a young boy trying to make sense of the absurdities and hypocrisy that surround him.

This novel is relatively straightforward in the way it unravels the plot. Feb 23, Sinem A. On the Road Jack Kerouac. Even so, their lives and their principles are, arguably, the same: Adults laugh at him and mistreat him.


I was dancing with a girl once, and I said to her, ‘Are you thinking of Jee-sus? Toole, describing the novel during correspondence with an editor, wrote “Inwhen I was 16, I wrote a book called The Neon Biblea grim, adolescent, sociological attack upon the hatreds caused by the various Calvinist religions in the South—and the fundamentalist mentality is one of the roots of what was happening in Alabama, etc.

A short and engaging read, yet a curiously absorbing page turner for what one might initially expect to be a rather sedate slice of life style glimpse into conservative rural hillbilly youth in a bygone era. The book is imperfect, and in that you see so many glimpses of what it takes to turn into a future foole titan. That’s what I’m talking about.

For those intrigued by the only other book written by a Pulitzer Prize winning novelist only. It was March 26,and the New Orleans native was only thirty-one. Although Holditch attempted to respect Thelma’s wishes even though he did not agree with themthe relatives eventually filed a formal lawsuit that would have put the book up for auction.

Meanwhile, Thelma Toole refused to have the novel published if it meant that large portions of the income it derived would go to these relatives.

Trivia About The Neon Bible. Sep 10, Toby rated it it was ok Shelves: By all reports, Toole felt the same. The circumstances and coincidences that have led to The Neon Bible’s being in print at all partake of the very substance of Victorian romance: I really wanted to like this, I really don’t want to criticise the writing of the teenage John Kennedy Toole, but the fact is that this is a book that was only published because of greed. Its a short novel that does not disappoint it is almost antithetical to his ensemble oeuvre of “Dunces” ; it hints at a grief that begins in childhood and ends, perhaps, never.


Christopher’s struggle however is explained clearly to the reader going in to the story.


At times David reminds me of a Forrest Gump-like character because he is certainly an innocent. That’s why everybody was so much alike. Toole is better known for his Pulitzer Prize winning novel A Confederacy of Dunceshis only other published work. neoj

After some time she dies, exhaling one last word — “Frank. In his poetics, that society dictates lives and plots– J. You root for him. In the toope, Toole channels all of humanity’s absurdity into a single character, then turns him loose on a world oblivious to its own extreme ideals.

Nonetheless, the novel is an astonishing achievement, not least because it was written, it seems, when Toole was barely a teenager.

Toole has crafted a solid bildungsroman with some fine literary grace notes.