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Jerry Brainum I’m Jerry Brainum. You may recognize my name from the hundreds of research-based articles I’ve written for bodybuilding and fitness magazines. The latest Tweets from Jerry Brainum (@JerryBrainum). Editor-in-Chief, Applied Metabolics newsletter. Science writer for over 40 years. Venice, CA. Home Tags Jerry Brainum. Tag: Jerry Brainum. video ยท Originals WATCH: Jerry Brainum Talks About If You Can Out Train A Bad Diet. October 2,

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Universe winner Bill Pearl, change around their entire training programs every six weeks. My success as a competitive world champion came from the information written in this book.

Other studies link garlic to increased muscle strength. These articles have appeared in Muscle and Fitness, Ironman, and other magazines. For the same reasons it was given as a tonic to soldiers and athletes in ancient Rome.

He gets it right because he approaches it right. Often, the articles offer nothing of practical use, either. I’ve had over 5, magazine articles published under my own name and various pen names. Jerry gave me the schooling that I needed to develop one of the greatest physiques of all time.

This is a background unmatched by anyone in the entire industry.

Those guilty of braijum exercise form believe that because the back is such a large muscle group second only to thighs in total massheavy weights must always be used. Most of the progress is the result of this neuromuscular education. Exercise normally has little or no effect on adiponectin release, but cold does.


He has taught me more valuable information, and I continue to learn more from him even today. I have no doubt that this new edition of AMN will be similarly avant-garde, highlighting future trends in sports supplements and other items related to fitness and nutrition. Usually it’s brainuj area most deficient in those with poor back development.

That’s rare air from someone who traffics himself in that world. I want brainu, to stop wasting your money at the hands of swindlers. Control allows you to feel the muscle throughout its full range of motion. Place a barbell under the bench, and row, bringing the bar as high as possible a cambered bar works well here. It’s possible to do this exercise with elbows out to the sides, but this often degenerates into a sloppy bentover lateral raise movement.

No one else is doing this work! Braiunm blogs appear to be written just to impress about how “smart” the writer is.

In addition, NO is involved in the release of anabolic hormones, including testosterone and growth hormone. Try doing consecutive sets, alternating arms non-stop for three to four sets. I was shocked and amazed about Jerry’s knowledge of dieting, nutrition, and training.

Olympia contest, Lee Haney commented on the stark difference between braonum back development when compared to some of the other Olympia competitors.


Author of “The Physics of Fitness: So please join me in jerryy journey of education and truth by subscribing to the Applied Metabolics Newslettter. A more recent study showed that an active ingredient in garlic may even help prevent excess muscle breakdown. He has always been on the cutting edge of nutrition,training, and ergogenic aids in our sport.


When I first arrived in the United States, I recall reading an article in Muscle and Fitness written by Jerry, and was extremely impressed about how insightful it was. I eventually met Jerry for a lunch meeting.

About Jerry Brainum

Fat cells are not just dormant blobs of storage goo, but are active and fat cells can be inflammatory. When working with professional boxers, Jerry was able to help them make their weight limit without ever brajnum to the extreme methods often used for the same purpose.

This is coming from a guy who has had his fingerprints on almost every legitimate supplement over the last three decades. By using good form, including full range of motion, concentration, full extensions and strongly held contractions, you’ll find your way out of any rut and into the light.

About Jerry Brainum | Applied Metabolics

When you raise body jery during exercise, you also release more specific stress-modulating proteins aptly named ‘Heat shock protein-HSP’. Duplicate the usual bentover row using two dumbbells instead of a barbell. No suggestion was given for the women not responding. I will write only the truth, backed by evidence.

The resulting poor form abruptly halts muscle gains, with an often fatal effect on mental enthusiasm. It’s easy to be mislead by the inaccurate information and pseudoscience available on various web sites, forums, and blogs.