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Download Citation on ResearchGate | DIALEKTIKA PENDIDIKAN ETIKA DALAM ISLAM (Analisis Pemikiran Ibnu Maskawaih) | p> Bahasa. View the profiles of people named Ibnu Maskawaih. Join Facebook to connect with Ibnu Maskawaih and others you may know. Facebook gives people the. Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Ya`qub, surnamed Miskawaih, is also called Abu ‘Ali al-Khazin. It is yet undecided whether he was himself Miskawaih or the son of.

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He indulged in alchemy not for the sake of science, but in search of gold and wealth, and was most servile to his masters. Despite the importance of this exercise for the body, Miskawayh did not neglect also the psychological effect of play, and hence he puts forward some features that must be present. General rules of conduct 7. Miskawayh’s scientific output is not restricted precisely to the field of philosophy and ethics, but he made a distinguished contribution to history; he also busied himself with chemistry, and was concerned with literature and other subjects.

But as regards their capability men differ very essentially. Many Muslims excelled in the branches of learning known at that time. Everything begins from Him and everything returns to Him. The foregoing clarifies, to a great extent, how Miskawayh remained one of the Muslim thinkers most devoted to Greek philosophy. It is pure good, while reason is the first good. When the human being really acts in accordance with his knowledge, this demonstrates that he has reached the rank of the wise, or what can be expressed as the highest point of perfection in humanity [34].

Its prescriptions, with regard to the worship of God in common and the pilgrimage to Mecca for instance, have plainly in view the cultivation of the love of one’s neighbour in the widest acceptation. As a Neoplatonisthis influence on Islamic philosophy is primarily in the area of ethics.

The Ethical Theory of Education of Ahmad Miskawayh

For he considers that it is not iibnu for the rational man who desires to free madkawaih soul from its pains and save it from its dangers to examine the illnesses and treat them so as to be set free from them.

The version we republish hereafter was edited and revised; we publish it with a slightly different title, new images mskawaih captions. Fifthly, choose a good friend as an effort to prevent the moral degradation. Equipped with a personal code of moral conduct, Miskawaih determined seven species of wisdom, viz. This sort of man it is hoped will abstain from his evil morals gradually and have recourse to the exemplary way by repentance and by keeping company with the good and the wise by the pursuit of philosophy [28].


Some of those he referred to distinctly in his writings, such as al-Kindi or al-Farabi, while with others he was content to mention their ideas only.

Here his expose is less philosophical but richer in detail. This being so, education indicates a task, of an obligatory nature, which is undertaken by adults, particularly parents, for the young [21].

View this page in our App. Love of gold and silver is a disaster, and the boy must be advised to avoid them and not to use them in any shape or form [46]. Then he returned to live in Isfahan, in Persia, for a period of time; it was here that he died and was buried – according maskawwaih the most reliable account – after a life of mzskawaih a years. This definition, which is supposed to be perhaps that of Eudoxus c.

The first part deals with the proofs of the existence of God, the second with soul and its modes, and the third with prophethood. For each one of these kinds of wretchedness or illnesses there is a treatment, with which the intelligent man can heal himself, if he tries to set himself free. This confirms the clarity of his vision and his ability to choose from among the kinds of culture reaching the Islamic community; indeed, it also confirms the ability of Islamic civilization to take up the sciences coming to it from previous civilizations, to make use of them, to work with them, and add to them.

Maybe this work helped him to be in such evident contact with the culture of his age, so varied in its sources and its types, to be able to learn for himself, and to make such a thorough study of the branches of science and human knowledge. Virtue is human excellence. Miskawayh considers that if these manners are commendable for the poor, it is even better to have the rich seek them.


It belongs to man’s divine part. Now the Good is either a general good or a particular good. In this case, it would seem Miskawayh was writing for an imaginary, non-existent society, one in which women had no place, and hence he restricted his discussion to boys, the men of tomorrow, and no more.

Here again he follows the corresponding parts in Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics. It is because al-Razi’s conclusions and method of treatment were quite contrary to his own. Miskawayh does not confine himself to this view of Aristotle, but deduces it also from the reliable laws that are the way God deals with His creation [23]. masmawaih

Maybe it has been said also that he did acknowledge the existence of women in his society, yet the evil opinions widespread about them, and influenced by the new cultures, caused him not to give any concern to them.

This point will be treated in detail later. The book is meant to provide students of philosophy and ethics an exposition of the main elements of philosophy. Maybe it can be said also that although al-Ghazali was influenced by this, yet his expression of the final aim of training young boys remained closer to the spirit of the Islamic religion than Miskawayh; that is because for al-Ghazali the actual content of education, or its material, was taken from the Qur’an and maskaeaih Prophet’s sunna [65].

Uns al-Farid a collection of anecdotes, verses, maxims, and proverbs. Secondly, the importance of education for children and adults.

Chapter Miskawaih | A History of Muslim Philosophy Volume 1, Book 3 |

This is almost explained and repeated in his words in the Tahdhib [59]. He affords an instance also of the fact that the most sagacious minds of his time were not disposed to follow Farabi into the region of Logico-Metaphysical speculation.

In addition, there are conditions in the environment surrounding the human being, inasmuch as human society is one of the basic conditions of reaching supreme happiness.

The preoccupation which arises from persistence in ugly deeds [31]. Philosophers by century CE. After mineral life evolves vegetation.