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Quick Guide to Using the IATA SSIM format in the slot allocation/schedule authorisation process. The aim of this Quick Guide is to provide all. new users of SSIM should obtain a copy of the Standard Schedules Information The message heading – Message type; an optional creator’s reference; IATA. STANDARD SCHEDULES INFORMATION MANUAL (SSIM) (BOOK). View Abstract. Product Details. Detail Summary. View all details. Active, Most Current.

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One word solidifys this answer: That means SSIS hands down. Biztalk is good for what it does, but really not geared around large volumnes on a monthly basis.

Glossary for passenger

Now that we’ve answered this question, start a new thread when you have better requirements, or come up against a particular issue you need help solving. Seim of your Industry Vertical, can you tell us a little of the business requirements for this type of operation? In my experience, SSIS is good if you have a regularly scheduled load of ssin volume, such asor , rows to load into a Data Warehouse every night.


BizTalk is good if you have information that needs to be coordinated across systems, small bits of information, but sent around in near real-time. I do not have all the requirements yet.

SSIM Guide | Airport Coordination Australia

It is my understanding that the data is updated on a monthly basis. I have yet to find something that documents the schema iats a SSIM or any information on the number of records within the file. Remove From My Forums. Sign in to vote.

Tuesday, May 17, 9: Wednesday, May 18, I’m interested in this as well as we’ll be going down this path shortly. Tuesday, May 17, Those may be gross generalizations, but they’re decent. What are your business requirements for this file type?

Wednesday, May 18, 1: Hi Ryan, Aita agree to Jeff and todd’s points. I would like to join this team to execute this operation.

Please share your requirements. Wednesday, May 18, 3: Wednesday, May 18, 4: