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Participants were invited to complete a modified Grasha Riechmann Student Learning Style Survey and Teaching Style Inventory. Principal. Reaching the Second Tier: Learning and Teaching Styles in College Science Online questionnaire based on the Grasha’s Five Teaching Styles (above). Learning Styles Survey. The following is a Grasha-Riechmann Student Learning Style Scales. It has been designed to help you clarify your attitudes and feelings.

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Students design one of more self-directed learning experiences. Facts, concepts, and principles are the most important things that students should acquire.

Teaching Styles | CRLT

Lecturing is a significant part of grasha-rischmann I teach each of the class sessions. The resources on this page provide guidance for instructors in how to think about their own teaching style and its impact on student learning.

Eventually, many students begin to think like me about course content. It is my responsibility to define what students must learn and how they should learn it.

I guide students’ work on course projects by asking questions, exploring options, and suggesting alternative ways to do things. There is more material in this survvey than I have time available to cover it.


Teaching Style Survey (Grasha¬≠Riechmann | Melvin Matulac –

This course has very specific goals and objectives that I want to accomplish. Kindly remove any link to our site from the code. Resources include links to teaching surveys and inventories, and suggestions for how to use this information to accommodate the learning needs of their students.

I give students a lot of personal support and encouragement to do well in this course. I assume the role of a resource person who is available to students whenever they need help. Do you have a child you are responsible for rearing?

Teaching Styles

What I have to say about a topic is important for students to acquire a broader teachinv on the issues in that area. On average, how many hours a week do you watch TV for your own entertainment?

I no longer maintain it, but it is here for you to experiment with.

If so, how old is that child? Still, you may find that the questions skrvey you to think about teaching and learning in new ways.

I want students to leave this course grasha-iechmann prepared for further work in this area. Upload the file to a server you can access; Install formmail or equivalent in the cgi-bin; Modify the POST code to direct the output to formmail and to a file on that server. If you teach some courses differently than others, respond in terms only of one specific course. Course activities encourage students to take initiative and responsibility for their learning.


After you have provided the requested information and made a record of your scores, please click the Exit button: You may also choose to print out a profile sheet to help you visualize and interpret your scores. How did you enter the university?

Rank of your teacher: Try to answer as honestly and as objectively as you can. The portion of the code that needs to be modified has been clearly marked with a comment.

My approach to teaching is similar to a manager of a work group grasha-riechmnan delegates tasks and responsibilities to subordinates. Please provide the following information, then and click “Exit”: Applications Due on November 16th! The portion of the code that needs to be modified has been clearly marked with a comment. Printer-friendly version Send by email. Respond to the questions below by using the following rating scale: