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This is my first Bukowski book. It was inconvenient. I do not mean this in a bad way at all, I mean it is the kind of book that gives me an. One of Charles Bukowski’s best, this beer-soaked, deliciously degenerate novel follows the wanderings of aspiring writer Henry Chinaski across World War II-e. Factotum by Charles Bukowski (Jun 5 ) [aa] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One of Charles Bukowski’s best, this beer-soaked.

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Factotum by Charles Bukowski. If the reader comes to this text with our typical baggage: Even the most horrible human being on earth deserves to wipe his ass. Or, do I perhaps harbor some of the same misanthropy that he nakedly exposes one word to the next? Retrieved from ” https: Preview — Factotum by Charles Bukowski. View all 9 comments.

Factotum by Charles Bukowski

When a brief stint as a bookie finds him abandoned by the only woman with whom he is able to relate, a fling with gold-digging floozie Laura finds him once again falling into a morose state of perpetual drunkenness and unemployment.

I knew that if I was driving that i would consider the possibility or desirability of drowning everybody. Tell us who you preferred in the comments, and let us know if we left off one of your favorite lines from Factotum.

He worked a wide range of jobs to support his writing, including dishwasher, truck driver and loader, mail carrier, guard, gas station attendant, stock boy, warehouse worker, shipping clerk, post office clerk, parking lot attendant, Red Cross orderly, and elevator operator.

Mar 17, Brian rated it really liked it Recommended to Brian by: There’s deep water on both sides of us and with one error of judgment he’ll kill us all. He’s not all into it anyway. He can’t remember the name of the woman he had sex with last night, or was it last hour?


This is also low on the social commentary factor which, believe it or not, Bukowski actually does plenty of elsewhere – it’s just that it’s generally over-shadowed by all the raunchier aspects of his work. But it’s just too weak for me.

Factotum (novel) – Wikipedia

The bus driver leaned back and we roared along over this narrow cement strip surrounded by water and all the people in the bus, the twenty-five or forty of fifty-two people trusted him, but I never did. Want to Read saving….

View all 8 comments. In the end, we just get a full-on Bukowski moment at a strip-joint, as we prepare to go out in a blaze of unemployed, poverty-stricken, alcoholic frenzy, but Chinaski just lost his th job. Are you a good one? But fxctotum night she was always screaming and throwing things at me: This is the first Bukowski novel I read – I chose it because the movie version was factootum out, and I wanted to read the book first.

I seem to recall I did. What they need is success in one form or another.

I have yet to read a Bukowski novel that I consider great. At the age of three, he came with his family to the United States and grew up in Los Angeles. A job that would serve him nicely and won’t come in between him and his true love: Factotum was adapted into a film instarring Matt Dillon as protagonist Henry Chinaski.

And he kept writing all the time and anywhere. Aug 31, Abas. Having read two of Bukowski’s books now, I’ve decided he’s for two types of people: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Otherwise, don’t even start. Hey, I worked at Sears, in the stockroom, for a year or so! Usually for not showing up for work while he was on a three-day bender with some girl, or healing from some fight.


But then I wonder, is there more buried deep within the the wine-soaked walls of Bukowski than lets on immediately? View all 5 comments.

As it happens, all of them come back with a rejection slip. I suppose reading his novels and short stories is something like staring at a car crash or returning to the scene of the crime: Oct 01, P. Knowing some Joes like him, I wish they took their minds of the bottle and did something productive like write it all down.

Best Charles Bukowski Quotes from the Novel “Factotum”

Ha “These people are assholes, assholes! Published May 31st by Ecco first published This is NOT to say that I agree with treating women like shit the way Bukowski clearly does, but that his shittiness is a stark reminder of certain horrible realities that do certainly exist in tactotum minds of many men. For the record, I am no intellectual, I am not of the thinking it has to be hard to read to be good, but, for me, Factotum read fqctotum it was written by a 15 year old trying to imagine what a hard drinking womaniser factothm be like.

Chinaski begins sleeping with fellow barfly Jan, a kindred spirit he meets while drowning his sorrows at a bar.

Following the narrative of being employed many, many times, failing and getting fired just as many, drinking, drinking, drinking to a sickening degreeand barnacle-ing to the hulls facyotum a series of horrendously-depicted females. And it will be better than anything else you can imagine. The thought of sitting in front of a man behind a desk and telling him that I wanted a job, that I was qualified for a job, was too much for me.