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epicondilite-fisioterapia-porto-fisiovida. Tratamento Epicondilite. epicondilite- fisioterapia-porto-fisiovida Bandagem para epicondilite lateral e medial.

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Fisioterapiq treatment for tennis elbow: Although conservative treatment is still the best initial management for lateral epicondylitis, there is little scientific evidence that physical therapy change the natural history of disease and is effective for treating this condition. We included only randomized controlled trials and quasi-randomized studies that used at least one modality of physical therapy as an intervention.

There was no restriction of the period and publication of articles aiming to increase the sensitivity and accuracy; the search strategy used was adapted for each database. We used the score of the PEDro scale for assessing the methodological quality of randomized controlled trials. The best option for the treatment of lateral epicondylitis seems to be a combination of therapeutic modalities, which agrees with clinical reality of the physiotherapists.

However, more clinical trials with good methodological quality are needed to determine the effectiveness of most therapeutic modalities found.

Os 26 artigos selecionados encontram-se resumidos no Quadro 1. O resultado pode ser explicado por alguns fatores que diferem do estudo realizado por Rompe et al.

Esses achados foram corroborados por Oken et al. Resultados diferentes foram encontrados por Nirschl et al. latsral

A analgesia na Fisioterapia – parte 2 – Ultra-Som e TENS

Os cinco estudos selecionados apresentaram resultados conflitantes. O protocolo utilizado foi mais adequado que o estudo realizado por Basford et al.

Esses estudos demonstraram fisioteeapia a terapia por laser pode ser utilizada no tratamento da epicondilite lateral. Cohen M, Romeo A.


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Boyer MI, Hastings H.

CID 10 M Epicondilite lateral – Doenças CID

J Shoulder Elbow Surg. A systematic review and meta-analysis of clinical trials on physical interventions for lateral epicondylalgia. Um estudo de 28 casos.

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Corticosteroid injections, physiotherapy, or a wait-and-see policy for lateral epicondylitis: Mobilisation with movement and exercise, corticosteroid injection, or wait and see for tennis elbow: Manipulation of the wrist for management of lateral epicondylitis: Progressive Strengthening and stretching exercises and ultrasound for chronic Lateral Epicondylitis.

Manias P, Stasinopoulos D. A controlled clinical pilot trial epiconddilite study the effectiveness of ice as a supplement to the exercise programme for the management of lateral elbow tendinopathy. Steroid injection therapy is the best conservative treatment for lateral epicondylitis: Int J Clin Pract. Cyriax physiotherapy versus phonophoresis with supervised exercise in subjects with lateral epicondylalgia: J Man Manip Ther.

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Scand J Laterl Sci Sports. Iontophoretic administration of dexamethasone sodium phosphate for fisiotera;ia epicondylitis. A randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled study. YAG laser irradiation on lateral epicondylitis. Arch Epicondilige Med Rehab. Bol Cient Asoc Chil Segur. Effects of nm low-level laser therapy in the management of lateral epicondylitis: Effects of low-level laser and plyometric exercises in the treatment of lateral epicondylitis. A prospective randomized study comparing a forearm strap brace versus a wrist splint for the treatment of lateral epicondylitis.

Prospective evaluation of fisioterapiia effectiveness of a home-based program of isometric strengthening exercises: Comparison of effects of phonophoresis and iontophoresis of naproxen in the treatment of lateral epicondylitis.

Acupuncture in chronic epicondylitis: All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Physiotherapy treatment for tennis elbow: a systematic review

Services on Demand Journal. Fosioterapia convencional Newcomer et al. Ondas de choque Rompe et al. Ultrassom D’Vaz et al. Iontoforese Runeson et al. Laser Os cinco estudos selecionados apresentaram resultados conflitantes. How to cite this article.