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by José de Espronceda ( – ) / translated by Salvador of the Romantics” and El Estudiante de Salamanca as a work that “can hardly. Poesias Liricas, El estudiante de Salamanca has 24 ratings and 1 review. Antonio said: En líneas generales me ha gustado, aunque la primera parte, la ded. Don José de Espronceda y Lara, Spain’s foremost lyric poet of the nineteenth century, was born on the 25th of.

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He is conscious of this and in a tongue-in-cheek way implies that he can cause the death of a woman upon loving and leavingher. Poi una dozzina di versi romance in rima acuta, seguiti da dodecasillabi raggruppati in serventesios.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. These estudiaante attempt, in deference to Schurlknight’s work, a structural and archetypal reading ofEspronceda’s Don Juan to better understand the themes of sexuality, insanity, and necrophilia extant in the text.

Poesias Liricas, El estudiante de Salamanca by José de Espronceda

Felix symbolises the idea of libertinism, in which the person sees no moral implications to their moral behaviour. The process of descent is viewed by Rosenberg as an oppositional process of the psyche: Eduardo Mendoza’s El misterio de la cripta embrujada Frieda H.

This third act is also where one may signal estudiznte actions and speech sepronceda the characters, which imbues them with agency. All these writers echo Stekel’s turn-of-the-century diagnosis. He follows and builds upon an extensive list of Spanish scholars who dwell on the prototypical womanizer. Tirso’s refuses to repent and faces divine wrath; JosE Zorrilla’s fe Juan Don Juan Tenorio,who also witnesses his own funeral procession, will repent, know God’s mercy, and be saved through doNa InEs’s love for him; what don FElix will know is ee embrace of a livid skeleton, and instead of the music that Zorrilla’s don Juan hears as his life ebbs, don FElix will hear an altogether different sound.


This manifestation is brought to test when in verse the specter descends a spiral staircase with Don Felix in pursuit. When the Romantic characters defy God in some way, the wrath of God falls upon them teaching us to fear the wrath of God. The final section is amedley of all previous verse forms with the addition of irregular 4,5,6, and 7 syllable meters between verses Help Center Find new research papers in: The rapid fall in meter from the kiss between the estudiant is representative of the psychical reconciliation between archetypes of the masculine and the feminine, with the former being Don Felix estudiatne an agent and the latter being the mother-imago of the cadaver.

Poesias Liricas, El estudiante de Salamanca

Espronceda’s text embodies in addition to an intricate interplay of genres and styles, aprotagonist steeped in his own madness. This psychical game continues as Felix dialogues with the specter in a courtship that is highlighted by his insistence and her reluctance.

El estudiante de Salamanca and Manfred by Lord Byron share similar characteristics. El estudiante de Salamanca de Espronceda. The first is explained dee homosexuality, as the malenever frees himself from bonding with the mother, whereas the second scenario involves a full-fledged voyage of finding the idealized and deified mother that he never possessed.

This follows the idea that unless you repent your sins you will be punished by being eternally damned. Borja marked it as to-read Oct 05, It is here that the text reaches its struc- tural and thematic climax as Felix kisses what we learn to be the cadaver of his spurned lover, securing him in an eternal tomb of darkness.

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Literature, Societe, Politiqueau temps duRomantisme. El estudiante de Salamancaposits an interesting Don Juan as it is composed in verse and not prose or theatre.

The rapid fall in meter estudlante alludes to an impending if not achieved silence in the verses, as the action distinctively switches after the 2-syllable meter. The variations in syllabic count add to the state of delirium and serve to connect the verses of the first section with salamnca of the last. These former conquests, though not explicitly shown in the text, are interestingly juxtaposed with the one woman the protagonist does court in the verses.

This third act is not composed in verse but in a dramatic script. Returning to Salamanfa, when the development of the anima is not one of integration, one can observe two distinct psychological states, both of which can be categorized as neurosis.

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The subsequent verses of the section are divided into versos de romance, quatrains, octavillas italianas and octavos reales. El Estudiante de Salamanca iose Other Selections kr.

Notify me of new comments via email. Jung postulates that the individual maintains both factors of the psyche without losing the other.