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M [ ] White-Dwarf-DreadfleetOctoberpdf 48M [ ]. In the last article about Dreadfleet I wrote about warships and their characteristics . In this article I will explain some of the basic rules that you. DREADFLEET Games Workshop () Rules summary front Rules summary back Play reference x2 front Play reference x2 back. v1. Oct Print on card.

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Dreadfleet was a naval combat game created by Games Workshopset in dreadlfeet Warhammer Fantasy Battle universe. The story goes that all things that perish in the sea — creatures, people, and ships — make their way to the Galleon’s Graveyard, a realm on the border of life and death, forming the Dreadfleet.

Count Noctilusa Vampire Count with a ship called the Bloody Reaver which was made up of shipwrecks forming a giant ship inside of which was a castle on a small mountain yes, the ships in the game were of a very large scaleused a big magical ceremony to take command of the Dreadfleet, and he and his villainous allies wreaked havoc with it.

Dreadfleet Rulebook – Binding Problems |

He was joined by Skaven who had used warpstone and machinery to make a giant dead sea monster named Skabrus into a boat, a pissed-off Tomb King named King Amanhotep with a boat called Curse of Zandri which was a giant barge with his pyramid tomb moved onto it like a houseboat and rluebook crewed by Ushtabi, a ghost ship called Shadewraith captained by a dgeadfleet named Vangheist that was under the power of Noctilus, and a Chaos Dwarf robot Daemon squid ship called the Black Kraken captained by Tordrek Hackhart.

Eventually, he pissed off a bunch of powerful people with huge ships from the “good” races in various ways. Their side consisted of a ship from the Cult of Sigmar called the Heldenhammer that sports a cathedral on board yes, we have cathedral ships in Fantasy too and a giant robot Sigmar statue at the helm which was stolen by a Sartosan whose family Noctilus killed for lulz, a High Elf Dragon Ship canonically the most powerful things in the watery parts of the world in the Warhammer rulehook called the Seadrake which consisted of fortified towers and live dragons, the Flaming Scimitar from Araby which was powered by djinn of different elements and was essentially a spellcaster ship, the Swordfysh which was It was crewed by dreadflset woman named Aranessa Saltspite born with Chaos mutations giving her rulbeook skin and weak mermaid -like legs.


She replaced those legs with swordfish spikes, making her the only being that even Slaanesh wouldn’t bang or would he?!

Index of /bwindle/document/Game/Dreadfleet

Finally, the Grimnir’s Thunder was a Dwarf ship which was an ironclad aircraft carrier that launched multiple zeppelin bombers whose captain Red Brokk Gunnarsson had a Grudge with Hackhart. Canonically, as relayed in the Dreadfleet novella by Phil Kellythe forces of Order defeated the forces of Destruction by chasing them into the Galleon’s Graveyard and sealing the central whirlpool with a massive magical explosion.

The Sartosan, along with basically everyone dteadfleet, died at the end. Oh, and the Arabyan turns out to be a Tzeentch wizard, who takes over the Galleon’s Graveyard. Amanhotep drezdfleet, or at least regenerated, and eventually made his way back to Nehekhara just in time to get his ass kicked by the forces of Nagash in End Timesthen used as a redshirt getting his ass kicked by Chaos offscreen until the world ended and GW squatted his faction.

In an alternate universe in the Total War: Noctilius and Saltspite survived, the former still controlling Galleon’s Graveyard and the latter incorporating undead into her crew and generally mucking about in the Old World.

Roth and the Golden Magus do die in this continuity. The fate of the others in the TWW continuity is presently unknown.


With a story like that, GW could have made an awesome campaign for a wargame of epic combat on the high seas.

What they actually made was a two-player boardgamewith one player running the heroes and one running the villains. The ship and terrain were VERY nice with a fair amount of detail and great scale, but there are no expansions, no interactions with other game systems, and minimal ability to convert them into something other than that one specific ship. It’s just not Man O’ War and there was no real way to make it work with that game.

In fact, in the Dreadfleet novella, the pride of the Sartosan fleet is a ship named the Man o’ Warand it gets attacked by the Black Kraken ; while it destroyed one tentacle of the submarine, it was eventually crushed. It was released to much pomp and circumstance from Games Workshopwith videos and launch parties, and it was billed as the replacement for Man O’ War to gamers. General consensus is “meh” with a few calling it great, and more calling it fail.

Games Dreaddfleet initially pulled all copies from it’s Australian stores, then discontinued the game. There’s more demand for the models themselves as shelf pieces than as a functional game, driving up the value of surviving sets. Ads by Project Wonderful!

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