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THE FILIPINO. MARTIAL ARTS as taught by Dan Inosanto. Compiled by. Dan Inosanto. Gilbert L. Johnson and. George Foon. Copa G eloon Inch. November 10 – 11, | Guro Dan Inosanto | Louisiana | Register Online Inosanto International Martial Art Instructors Association Training Conference Dan Inosanto is a Filipino-American martial arts instructor from California who is best known as a teacher and a student of Bruce Lee at the.

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The stories of true Grandmasters, warrior legends, and veterans of dozens of fights to the death like Angel Cabales, Regino Ellustrisimo,Leo Giron, John Lacoste, and Floro Villabrille are amazing, as it is the tried and proven combat reality of FMA that makes it a unique and beautiful art.

There has been an obvious need for a book that coordinates and puts into perspective the roots and prin Combat is as old as man himself. Here now is that book. Views Read Edit View history.

May 24, Lester rated it it was amazing. The performance of a weapon is affected by its characteristics, not by its origin or its name. Quest of the Dragon Bruce Lee: Swing the weapon, jab the weapon, hit anything with the weapon and see if you don’t use some form of that pattern.

Our grandmaster goes back with GM Inosanto, so perhaps it is not so suprising that I loved this book. James Munroe rated it it was amazing May 24, This elswehere is ‘within yourself.

Currently he is the vice-president of Lameco International, carrying on the Eskrima of the late Filipino martial artist Edgar Sulite.


Very informative if you’re into Filipino martial arts. It would be very dated now but the teachings are still the same. Feb 13, Steve Scott rated it it was amazing Shelves: Inosanto was teacher to Bruce Lee, introducing him to nunchaku. Archived from the original on This page was last martiak on 31 Octoberat Paperbackpages. So climb your own path true and strong, but respect all other truths for your way for them could be wrong.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. He trained Shoot wrestling under Yorinaga Nakamura.

The Filipino Martial Arts as Taught by Dan Inosanto by Dan Inosanto

JF rated it really liked it Mar 31, In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Edgar rated it it was amazing Jul 17, Dan Inosanto began training in martial arts at the age of 11 receiving instruction from his uncle who first taught him traditional Okinawan Karate and later also Judo and Jujutsu.

Consequently, he holds Instructor or black belt level ranks in numerous, different martial arts. Topher rated it it was amazing Jun 12, There has been an obvious need for a book that coordinates and puts into perspective the roots and principals of a fighting art–a book that explains the relationships between weapons and empty hands, philosophy and history, asseses strengths and weaknesses, and finally a book that liberates the mind from the classical way of thinking.

He is responsible for bringing several obscure forms of the South East Asia Martial Arts into the public eye such as Silat, a hybrid combative form existing in countries as Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.


He was a student of Ed Parker whom he also received a shodan from and practiced his sport in American Kenpo Karate before becoming a student of world famous martial artist Bruce Lee. Filmography Awards and honors Media about. The Game of Death movie, one of the most recognizable of the Bruce Lee films, showcases the use of the nunchaku by Lee and Filipiino. Inosanto explained that he introduced the weapon to Lee, taught him the basics and some exercises to get him started on his weapons training.

Refresh and try again. Jun martisl, Ccastle rated it really liked it. Jared G Block rated it it was amazing Mar 07, November 27, Inosantp admin. Mubashshir rated it it was amazing Feb 23, In addition, he is well known for promoting the Filipino Martial Arts.


The Game of Death movie, one of the most recognizable of the Bruce Lee films, showcases the extraordinary skill Lee exhibited in his manipulation and adn of the nunchaku. No trivia or quizzes yet. Open Preview See a Problem? New Inosanto Online Stores We are excited to announce that we have two brand new online stores! There’s only inosantl many ways to hit an opponent. James rated it it was amazing Feb 16, Jul 30, John rated it it was amazing.