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Citi’s Treasury and Trade Solutions (TTS) has expanded its WorldLink® Payment Services (WorldLink®) cross-border ACH capabilities to About Citi Global Transaction Services. A global leader in payments, Citi makes millions of cross-border payments annually on behalf of the world’s most. Citi,financial services,cash management,global transaction services,capital market,citidirect,private banking,corporate banking,fund services.

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Increasingly, electronic payments are being made worodlink the local clearing systems rather than the traditional SWIFT route through regional systems. Where is WorldLink Payment Services located? WorldLink service requests can be made through CitiDirect Service for Payments module or through a call to customer service. And once you’re up and running, you’ll find help just a keystroke away, with a comprehensive “Help” system that provides field definitions, window descriptions, procedures and a glossary.

Citi’s WorldLink® Payment Services Expands Its Local Payments Offering Into Eight New Countries

Customers must be entitled to each payment type before it is made available on CitiDirect. WorldLink onsite checks require a WorldLink credit facility.

Returns or rejects processed on a daily basis with refunds sent back to your designated account. WorldLink makes over 30 million payments annually with a value of almost billion US Dollar equivalent. Rather, Citibank issues all payment types from its own accounts in wordllink currency of issuance.

Yes, WorldLink can support file import and export in CitiDirect. Customers can also call a WorldLink foreign exchange specialist for a rate and can enter the rate and booked FX contract on CitiDirect. Do I need to set up a credit line in order to use WorldLink? You workdlink payment to Citi, from the account you hold with worlflink current bank, for your WorldLink activities. In SeptemberWorldLink announced enhancements to worldlinkk exotic currency offering.


Supporting over 4, currency pair conversions, WorldLink provides transparent flexible foreign exchange options which are bundled with the most comprehensive distribution network of any international cash management service provider globally.

We have global foreign exchange capability with trading desks in New York, Dublin and Singapore. A Citi representative will discuss the best way for you to communicate your payment instructions to us, the account or accounts you will use to fund your payments, and the way you will obtain foreign exchange rates for payments not in the worldlinm of your account.

How is a stop payment, photocopy or other service request made on CitiDirect? WorldLink Payment Services has dedicated operation centers in Dublin, Buffalo and Mumbai, but our global support network features local service hubs around the world.

Worldlink® Frequently Asked Questions

However, by using WorldLink, the customer has access to ACH payments from only a single funding account in one of 20 currencies. The “standard” ACH offering requires a customer to maintain an account in every country where payments will be made. ACH is also intended for non-urgent payments as they are processed with value date of days depending on country processing rules.

How does the WorldLink foreign exchange process work on CitiDirect? Does CitiDirect support WorldLink for all languages offered? Customer has special operational process that would hold up processing without credit line Onsite check customers Same day wire customers.

This increase in ACH country availability further establishes WorldLink as having the largest currency suite available across the widest array of payment types for cross-border payments in the market. Second, the security enhancements on WorldLink checks such as watermarks, encryption, special check stock, along with the WorldLink Match Pay process help reduce fraud.


We also have global check disbursement centers in New York, Dublin and Singapore. Worldlik lifting fees for most currencies Low fees where applied No value limit, except those imposed through market conditions No repair fees. Learn more about how WorldLink Payment Services can empower your business for success. ACH is intended for low value payments but more and more large payments clti being processed worpdlink local ACH systems.

What are the benefits of WorldLink checks?

WorldLink through CitiDirect Online Banking features automatic software updates so you’re never out of date. WorldLink makes it easy to pay your vendors, suppliers, distributors, agents, pensioners, shareholders and other recipients – for a countless number of business applications in the currencies of their choice, without you having to maintain multiple foreign currency accounts.

How many currencies can WorldLink support for remote checks and onsite checks? WorldLink onsite checks are checks drawn on a WorldLink account, but printed by the client on their premises.

It wprldlink smoothly and efficiently whether you have a Citi account or not.

WorldLink supports payments in currencies and is continuously adding additional currencies when appropriate. How is a stop payment, photocopy or other service request made on File?