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ITEM 1 – 84 of 84 View detailed import data of No under HTS Code with details Feb 16 , , 5 CARTON 15 KGS CBM (PLASTIC. View detailed import data of No under HTS Code with details of Feb 21 , , CARTON KGS CBM DEPT PO. CBM Datasheet [] ; download; size: bytes. CBM Wafer Specification Rev [CBM_Wafer_spec_Revpdf].

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The first time, every time. Recently engineered and commercialized by Promega, a highly active luciferase NanoLuc or NLuc and substrate furimazine system have generated luminescent signals orders of magnitude greater than that of other commonly used luciferases. Positive plaques were isolated, propagated and submitted for full genome sequencing. We have a team of certified expert technicians that can handle any job.

In order to concentrate and purify engineered proteins, numerous epitope tags such as His-tag, 42 AviTag, 43 and FLAG, 44 among others 45 are commonly used.

Back to tab navigation Download options Please wait The advantages of phages include their host specificity, ability to distinguish viable and non-viable cells, low cost, and ease of genetic engineering.

While a cocktail of phages may be required for the detection of an entire bacterial species, we targeted E. Lower limits of detection can be reached by increasing the pre-enrichment times thereby allowing the bacteria to reach a higher concentration. The NanoLuc reporter enzyme expression cassette was synthesized as a linear double stranded DNA molecule with 50 bp of phage homology at each terminus.


It is clear that the true bottleneck to rapid detection remains with the separation, concentration, and cleanup steps of the initial sample preparation. Rapid detection of bacteria responsible for foodborne diseases is a growing necessity for public health.

cb, Our Cloud Department can help optimize your daily processes and change the way you think about business. An ideal separation method should 1 remove the analyte from the matrix, 2 remove any possible inhibitors to a downstream detection system, and 3 reduce the sample size while maintaining a high capture efficiency.


While some of these advanced technologies e. CBM Technology has been around for 45 years.

As seen in Fig. This is due to the high specificity of the phages which can 4028 be limited to single strains. Upon infection, the injected phage DNA has been shown to dramatically alter bacterial gene expression and metabolism. Our goal is to eliminate downtime. Therefore, we conclude that our phage-based detection assay displays significant aptitude as a proof-of-concept drinking water diagnostic assay for the low-cost, rapid and sensitive detection of E.


Peters dJ. Our Help Desk Technicians are ready to handle any issue you have without having to leave your desk. Please enable JavaScript dbm access the full features of the site or access our non-JavaScript page. This novel chimeric reporter nluc:: Fetching data from CrossRef.

Online unit conversion – density

Following sterile filtration 0. Custom Solutions for Specific Needs. Such work will allow a cnm utilization of phages as both detection and therapy tools. Hinkley aS. The light emitted from NanoLuc is bright blue as evidenced by a sharp emission peak at nm.

40882 The type of affinity tag used in this work, a Carbohydrate Binding Module CBMhas been widely employed as protein fusions 47 to provide immobilization onto low-cost, widely available substrates.

Nichols cJ. Genetic modifications to the tail fibers of T7 have been shown to successfully expand the range of permissive hosts. CBM fusion for the ultrasensitive detection of Escherichia coli in water.

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