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The Catachan Jungle Fighters (also known in the bodybuilding industry as the ABhumans and Diet Spess mehreens) are a Regiment of the Imperial Guard from . Sep 12, Explore Steve Beachler’s board “Catachan Jungle Fighters” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about 40k imperial guard, Persona and Rogue traders. Tales From Farpoint: Catachan Jungle Fighters 40k Imperial Guard, Game Painted 40K: Catachan Jungle Fighter, Painted by Phil Moss Warhammer 40k Rpg.

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The th Regiment fought in the Battle of Bengoli V. As specialists in ambush tactics, the Jungle Fighters also make notable use of demolition charges and improvised explosives, as well as possessing their own sniper cadre.

Viewing daily survival upon Catachan as but a microcosm of humanity’s wider struggle, the Death World’s warriors proudly answer the Emperor’s call to arms. Catachan officers often wear a peaked cap over their bandana. Some of the various lies told figjters Catachans include: The average Catahcan Guardsman — if such a thing truly exists — will be outfitted with the following wargear:.

Skull motifs are common amongst Catachan veterans who have served — and survived — for more than 5 standard years. It is also used for settling disputes between Catachans.

Catachan Jungle Fighters | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Even Space Marines are said to avoid this hellish place. If an Ork nest was located, however, whole hectares were burnt to the ground.

This classic rendition of a Jingle of Battle will invoke many memories from those gamers a bit longer in the tooth. In jungle terrain they are unsurpassed, with each Catachan being worth ten of any other regiment, and those skills learnt in the jungle are easily adapted to other war zones.

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Snipers from the regiment eliminated a prominent Tau leader, striking a critical blow to the alien’s morale. A Catachan slays an Ork. They have the well-deserved reputation of being the deadliest practitioners of jungle warfare in the galaxy.

With their hulking frames, Catachan crewman are able to heft massive shells and magazines into place with ease, allowing their gunners to lay down a near-unending rain of shots. The true diversity of life catachhan Catachan has never been catalogued, though many Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator expeditions have tried and failed.


Catachan Jungle FIghter | Dark Heresy of the Secundus Sector Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Catachans have a reputation for reckless bravery that borders on insanity. Although their numbers were thought to have been kept in check by the native Armageddon Ork Huntersthe presence of Ghazghkull on the planet triggered a massive increase in the Ork presence throughout the jungle, from which they staged their raids on the Imperial settlements around Death Mire and Cerbera Base.

Catachans are even known to field unique Rough Riderswho fight atop one of the mighty Giant Reptiles native to the planet. It is common for Ogrynshowever, to fight in Catachan regiments. There are, however, some positives that balance out all of the bad, bad things about being a guardsman from Catachan. Here are just a few reasons why Catachan is the last place in the entire galaxy outside the Warp or certain parts of the Webway you would or should visit.

Catachan itself has little need for a Planetary Defence Forcethe world’s flora and fauna being sufficiently deadly to thwart almost all invaders without the need for human intervention, and so most Catachan Guardsmen are instead recruited from amongst the population of hunters, skilled trackers, and combatants, used to jingle the encroaching jungle and catavhan off or slaying the beasts that would threaten the small, short-lived human settlements.

As specialists in ambush tactics, the Jungle Fighters also make notable use of demolition charges and improvised explosives, as well as possessing their own sniper cadre. Similarly, the warriors of Catachan do not place much regard in medals, preferring their own system catahcan battle honours: It is closer to a sword than a knife and has achieved status among the Orks who call it ‘ Da Cutta’.

They often impregnate their bullets with toxins which give them a second chance at killing the enemy, if the bullet didn’t succeed then the poison probably will. Catachan’s armoured regiments are similarly renowned for the destruction they unleash.

The Catachan 56th “Sidewinders” fought on the world of Cytheria. Assuming you live long enough to enjoy them. They are sometimes poisoned to improve their kill strength, the poisons coming directly from Catachan. Due to the fact they must constantly fight for supremacy on the most lethal of Death Worlds, the Catachans have become naturally superior to any normal Human, and trained well beyond the capabilities of any Munitorum jungle warfare school.


Catachan Guard regiments are most commonly jungl infantry, making the most of their legendary talents catavhan scouts and ambushers. Catachan Sentinel pilots in particular are known to personalise and modify their walkers to better suit an individual’s particular combat style.

Discipline is maintained through trust and respect rather than by respect for rank. Choose an option mm x mm mm x mm mm x mm mm x junglf Clear. The company symbol include the black spades in the white circle in the black rhombus.

From Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum. This is reflected in the dangers that they willingly throw themselves into and their preferred choice of weaponry. The Devils senses are honed to a razor’s edge, allowing them to recognise hidden threats in their midst, even enemies who are under cloaking devices.

As a result, discipline in the Catachan regiments is maintained more through trust and respect than through the simple fact of rank.

A highly practical people, Catachans often fightere their regimental badges with soot and dirt so as not to reflect light and give away their positions to the enemy, a practice which has often infuriated Imperial Guard officers native to worlds with a more materialistic culture.

Catachan Jungle Fighters

A Catachan’s favorite weapon is his trusty, simple, utilitarian and old-fashioned knife. Sign In Don’t have an account? Yet despite the exceptionally perilous nature of the Catachan ecosystem, the servants of the Emperor inhabit this vast world in surprising numbers. Your ad here, right now: As a result the Catachans kungle went for weeks without contacting base. There are three types of mine commonly employed by the Catachan regiments: In time, their skill at caachan on Catachan came to the notice of the Munitorum, which realised that the Catachans would make excellent Astra Militarum troops dedicated to service in some of the galaxy’s most hostile planetary environments, and the first regiments of the Catachan Jungle Fighters were raised.