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Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking with Riboflavin (also abbreviated as C3R) is a non-invasive corneal treatment shown to slow the progression of keratoconus. What is the treatment for Keratoconus? 1. Use of Contact Lenses (Corneal Collagen Crossling Procedure) . (Information & Appointments for C3R). Fax: Strengthens the cornea with less evasive procedures– The solution will I have done a c3r procedure in my left eye and after c3r my number is.

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It probably will be another year or so for approval. The two most common complications of Intacs implant surgery are eye irritation and abnormal blood vessel growth. Riboflavin saturation ensures the formation of free radicals whereas riboflavin shielding ensures the protection of deeper ocular structures such as proceduee corneal endothelium.

C3R is designed to stabilize vision, it usually does not improve vision — it c3f stops further vision loss. The increased corneal rigidity induced may wear off over time and further periodic treatments may be required. This can be spaced between days apart. Treatment days are usually as follows: Your visual expectation can be defined when you visit us. It is unusual for double vision to be caused by epi-on C3R.

C3r Procedure, Treatment and Cost

In addition to the cross-linking that occurs commonly with corneal maturation, there are several other pathways that can lead to crosslinkage. Q I am working in IT and need to be in front of computer continuously. Until recently, there was no method to change the integrity and strength of the cornea itself for keratoconus patients.

Effect of implantation of inferior-segment Intacs with and without C3-R on keratoconus. Laser Vision Correction Surgery. Q What is your best advise for a person suffering from keratoconus and which is the best place to get treatment done from? However, you will receive all documents necessary for reimbursement Posted in: Corneal collagen cross-linking for ectasia after excimer laser refractive surgery: You need to be in Mumbai for these days days post C3R 2.


Whether repeat treatment may be necessary due to corneal collagen turnover remains unanswered. Riboflavin-UVA treatment in the management of edema and nonhealing ulcers of the cornea.

Benefits of Corneal Collagen Crosslinking with Riboflavin

The most common indication is keratoconus. Four times daily during the first month, decreasing to two times and then to once a day during the second month. The CXL is a promising technique for treating corneal melts or infectious keratitis because cross-linking would strengthen a collagenolytic cornea while UVA irradiation eliminates the infectious agent.

Due to this lenses give better clarity. Yes, however, this may be coincidental that he may be having an eye allergy at present. If the treatment with CXL stops or slows the progression of keratoconus, while other methods can reshape the cornea, a logical solution would be to combine the two treatment methods in order to synergize their effects.

Is the C3R an invasive type ie; involving removal of the epithelium and then putting riboflavin and exposure to the laser light Ans. One does need to be aware of any deterioration in vision. A single investigator, Dr. After the treatment, antibiotic eye drops are applied; a bandage contact lens may be applied, which will be removed by our doctor during the follow up visit. Page Discussion View form View source History.

However, this was also a major design shortcoming which limited the interpretation of the study data because the sham patients were allowed to seek treatment as early as 3 months into the study see below. Additional case reports describe diffuse lamellar keratitis 38 and a reactivation of herpetic keratitis 39 following CXL. The procedure is relatively comfortable if the epithelial layer is only disrupted rather than removed.


Only states that it was defined “clinically and instrumentally within 6 months”. More and more researchers are realizing epi-on technique is safer and provides the same results. The primary goal of the first stage of therapy is to allow riboflavin to diffuse into the cornea. Till date we have been doing this treatment since last year we have had no failures. It is important to ensure that the cytotoxic threshold for the endothelium has not been exceeded by strictly respecting the minimal corneal thickness.

This time point of crossover was changed at the request of FDA. C3R is not going to help any spectacle correction, but only stabilize the progression of the abnormality viz. Alternatively, the CXL procedure could be performed first, followed by a reshaping procedure.

The strength of this study is also its sample size at 1 year. Riboflavin-ultraviolet light induced crosslinking in endothelial decompensation. You need to be in Mumbai for these days days post C3R.

Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking (C3R) with Riboflavin

Procfdure, once the C3R is done, we look at the refractive error 3 months to 6 months after procedurre treatment and see if there is any aid to improve vision. Dr Anand Shroff, our corneal expert does the pre procedure check, procedures and post procedure checks himself. Abstract Corneal collagen cross-linking CXL with riboflavin and ultraviolet-A UVA is a new technique of corneal tissue strengthening by using riboflavin as a photosensitizer and UVA to increase the formation of intra and interfibrillar covalent bonds by photosensitized oxidation.