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Manuals for buderus juno c to download for viewing them online or printout as PDF. Manuals for Buderus Juno 11 download to download for viewing them online or printout as PDF. Buderus Manuals for Support Juno /SF Buderus | GB | Operating instructions | Buderus GB Operating instructions . .. 46 Shut down the heating system using the control unit.

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When the BC10 basic controller is shut down, the burner is also switched off automatically. Remedy any blocking faults that remain active for a iuno time using the service section in this manual. Faulty control box Replace. Reduce the system pressure to achieve the initial cold fill pressure. Also change the following switching points to Standard functions 6 6 Standard huno In this chapter you will find information about the standard functions of the MEC2 programming unit and their use.

Use of a Buderus approved boiler cleaner is recommended. These should be UV stabilised for protection against sunlight, and coloured green. The heat demand of a room largely depends on the following factors: With the programming unit, Buderus offers eight different, preset heating programs as standard programs.

Operating instructions Logamatic 4211

Loosen the screw plug on the inlet gas pressure testing nipple by two 111.1 fig. Note that no soldered joints are permissible in the oil line.


The burner combusts fuel e. The Return Line must be unobstructed at all times. F Temperature difference between safety and supply sensors too much or no temperature increase after starting the burner.

Ensure Vertical Flues do not exhaust below the level of any openable window less than mm horizontally from the terminal see BS Check the operation of the limit thermostat if possible. If the pressure reaches 2. You cannot enter a separate DHW holiday function. Heating circuit curve example x Outside temperature y Flow temperature 7 2 What you should know about your heating system Weather-compensated control With weather-compensated control, only the outside temperature captured by the outside temperature buderuus is decisive for the flow temperature level.

One opening shall commence within 12 inches mm of the top, and one opening shall commence within 12 inches mm of the bottom of the enclosure. During flue gas budderus the junp point lights up in the display.

L Test of pump operation via a pressure increase in the heating system during pump start. Several heating circuits may be connected to ujno boiler, for example, one heating circuit for supplying radiators and a further circuit for supplying an underfloor heating system.

All joints in the Oil Lines must be oil tight and the Oil Line should be flushed clean before connecting to the burner.


Buderus GB Operating instructions |

Skin rashes oil Acne. If the appliance will not operate, follow the instruction “To Turn Off Gas To Appliance” and call your service technician or gas supplier. Fit the vertical flue offtake plate to the rear top panel of the boiler and fit the assembly into position over the vertical offtake spigot.

Check that flexible drive is functioning correctly and not slipping. The installations connecting pipe work to a suitable Tundish must be in accordance with G3 Building Regulations see Fig.

Typengeprüfte Gebläsebrenner, Heizkessel und Wassererwärmer |

Under the cover a RC system controller can be installed not available. Has a chemical dosing type water conditioner been fitted to the water supply to the boiler? Advanced heating systems are equipped with a time switch to save energy. Extended functions 7 7. All equipment designed for use at mains water pressure are suitable.

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Flue pipe bends – bends must not be used -use bends. Allow boiler and tank to reach temperature again and switch jino winter mode, adjust boiler control thermostat to maximum and repeat the last instruction.

Adjust the angle to suit the pitch of the roof.