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Sagrada Biblia [Nacar – Colunga] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. sagrada Biblia. Biblia tradicional Católica portátil. Fiel a la traducción. Sagrada Biblia [Eloino Nacar Fuster, Alberto Colunga Cueto] on * FREE* Catecismo de la Iglesia Catolica (Spanish Edition). U.S. Catholic. Sagrada Biblia Nacar Colunga (Spanish Edition) – Kindle edition by Alberto Colunga Cueto, Eloíno Nácar Fúster. Download it once and read it on your.

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My favorite translation used to be NKJV. Praise God for theWord! It was published inin Spain also by BAC. It was translated by a team of twenty four scholars, from the original languages. No registered users and 0 guests. My mother wanted to share her favorite verse. I’m currently reading a bible from Counga La Biblia del Peregrinoand it might have, I don’t know, like thirty words I was not familiar with, but that’s it. Biblia en Lenguaje Sencillo.

theWord – View topic – Its possible convert and to theword files?

It is sold in catholic bookstores, and it is widely accepted by the catholic faithful. This is very interesting. They will get the idea when sells drop, popularity drops, and when there is a great negative blow-back against their “commercialization of God’s word”. Lengauje Actual en desarrollofailiar.


I disagree with you about the other langauge Bibles. Just my 2 cents – Hartmut. It is understandable that our friend Javier, if you have noticed the unusual capitalizations he used on some proper nouns.

If you have a particular Copyrighted Bible that you simply cannot live without, start with contacting the copyright holders, and ask them to please colungs allowing Costas to put that version into a theWord module for sale, and pressure them. Sat Jun 26, 7: Traducida en por Editorial “Mundo Hispano”.

This Bible inserts the deuterocanonical books in a separate section between the Old and the New Testament. I am frustrated bibpia many Chrisitian publishers and how they handle the Bible.

Sagrada Biblia Nacar Colunga ( 1944) ( 1ª Edición)

So your use of any copyrighted modules 1 is immoral, 2 is illegal, and 3 is causing hardship and persecution on a fellow Christian because of you actions using, promoting, etc. It is almost phrase per phrase equivalent equivalent in each column, despite the fact that they are not a translation of each other, but from the original Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek text.

Next there was a translation colungs in Argentina my country, of all placesinby Mons. Create an account to backup your app data.


eswordespanol / Biblias

Ha merecido muchas ediciones posteriores, y ocupa un lugar prominente entre las versiones en lenguastellana. Do I like paying for what I feel should be free? The New Testament is to be published during the second half of Hi all, If I can make some “what I remember” comments on this list, maybe this would help. The four translations are dinamic. Nov 29, Version 6. Spain’s spanish uses the second person plural vosotrosand we in Latin America replace it whith the third person plural ustedes.

Both books are in two columns per page, one column in English rn one column in Spanish, which makes very easy to pass from language to another when you have a doubt. Mass Lectionaries, catechisms, liturgy of the hours, etc. Subsequent editions have polished the translation, and gave less political flavor to the notes.

Hurault intended target audience. But the truth is this: La Biblia en Lenguaje Sencillo Nuevo testamento. Previous topic Next topic.

Published in Mexico, by PPC, in