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This scanning radio has been manufactured so that it will not tune to the radio frequencies assigned by the FCC for cellular telephone usage. BCDT. BCDT – Click image to view in full. Uniden’s Base/Mobile Digital . Easier to Read BCDT/UBCT Manual · BCDT User Manual · Control. BCDT – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total:

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Enclosed with the materials provided with your scanner is a reprinted article The error rate should drop for each transmission and the threshold levels should automatically adjust to a more optimal setting.

Editing a Custom Search allows you to edit the 10 custom search ranges. Table Of Contents If no systems are programmed, or all systems or groups in a system are locked out or turned off, ‘ Nothing to Scan ‘ appears.

If a GPS unit is attached, the longitude and latitude data is saved and becomes the name of that channel. Each format majual and uses talk group IDs in slightly different ways.

Uniden BCD996T Owner’s Manual

The BCDT also offers APCO 25 digital capability, allowing consumers to monitor the activities and signals of city and government service departments, and features advanced scanner technology bfd996t an in-dash or mobile mount design. P25 Adjust Level this is a hidden setting accessible only by turning off the radio and pressing Hold when you turn the scanner back on.


FM — the scanner uses FM frequency modulation for the frequency band.

There are better antennas out there to use than the one that comes with the scanner. Press to ‘unlock’ Function mode to resume. If the ‘Close Call Hits’ system has no frequencies, the scanner does not scan the system. Creating Groups Once you have your Systems built, systems options configured, trunking system Sites Createdand Site Options configured, you can create your groups.

Auto — the scanner manyal the default modulation for the channel. The items below in Blue do not follow the radio’s menu order because IMHO they should be in the following order to properly setup and use the Close Call features. To make the alert speed-dependent, enter the speed limit for this location.

When the transfer is finished, both scanners display a ‘ Complete ‘ message. Stores location, direction of travel, and speed. There doesn’t seem to be a limit to how many channels you can set.

BCDT – The RadioReference Wiki

Bcs996t you select size code 12, 13, or 14, these restrictions apply: If you lose the satellite signal, you will see ‘ Searching for Satellite ‘ until the GPS unit reacquires a signal.

To Program a New Channel press Menu.

Scroll to the desired DCS code you want present with the signal. Using The Menu The high resolution display indicates the radio’s status in detail. The default setting is AFS. To make your selection, press [VOL]. Setting Up Tone-out Press again to resume. If you turn this feature on, the bfd996t mutes, mamual Close Call Only mode, and stores any Close Call hits from the bands selected in ‘ Set CC Bands ‘ up to the maximum you specified in the ‘ Max Auto Store ‘ setting.


Trunking Display Mode 2.

Uniden BCD996T Scanner User Manual

Cable scanner plug to Front PC Connecter If any of these items are missing or damaged, immediately contact your place of purchase or Uniden Customer Service at: Care And Maintenance Custom 1 SRCH 2: Function Mode- the mode the radio is in when it’s bcd996h for another key press or scroll. To Edit Settings press Menu. The scanner deletes the frequencies in this system when you turn the power off. Otherwise, you must enter all of the frequencies.

You could use this feature to give you quick, single-press access to your favorite systems. Custom band plans bcd996f that you enter both a lower and an upper base frequency value.

Then the scanner scans the system called ‘Close Call’. The user’s radios always listen for activity on the output frequency and transmit on the input frequency.