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Revolutionary War Drill Manual by Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben are to be perfectly acquainted with the manual exercise, marchings and. On February 23, , Frederick William Baron von Steuben reported to General George Washington at the Continental Army’s bleak winder encampment at. Von Steuben: Manual of Arms The Manual Exercise .. Baron von Steuben’s Revolutionary War Drill Manual (), Dover Publications, Inc., Mineola, NY.

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Revolutionary War Drill Manual – Wikisource, the free online library

When the men may march more at their ease, but keeping their files close. The preservation of the arms and ammunition is barob object that requires the greatest attention. Commonly known as the army’s “blue book,” this basic manual of military training and procedures remained the official U. When a regiment is reduced to one hundred and sixty files, it is to be formed in one battalion, with both colours in the centre; the refolutionary sixteen paces before the colours; the lieutenant colonel eight paces drjll the colonel; the major fifteen paces behind the centre struben the battalion, having the adjutant at his side; the drum and fife major two paces behind the centre of the battalion; and the drums and fifes equally divided on the wings.

Two or three tents should be set apart in every regiment for the reception of such sick drilo cannot be sent to the general hospital, or whose cases may not require it. When this column is to be formed with the left in front, the four platoons on the right form in the rear, and the three on the left form in front. On the march no orders are to communicated by calling out, but must be sent by the adjutants from regiment to regiment.

When the light company is with the regiment it must be formed twenty paces on the right on the parade, but must not interfere with the exercise of the battalion, but exercise by itself; and when the light infantry are embodied, every four companies will form a battalion, and exercise in the same manner as the battalion in the line.

The four platoons of the right march to the right, the first platoon taking care to march straight towards the point of view; so soon as the fourth has unmasked the fifth, its officer commands. The soldiers should not be permitted to eat in their tents, except in bad weather; drll an sheuben of a company must often visit the messes; see that the provision is good and well cooked; that msnual men of one tent mess together; and that the provision is not sold or disposed of for liquor.

The officers must take great care that the distance of two paces, and no more, is kept between the ranks. Read on your iOS and Android devices Get more info.

When the regiment parades for duty of exercise, he barob count it off, and divide it into divisions and platoons, and carry the orders of the colonel where necessary. The like care is to be taken that all deficiencies of arms and accoutrements are supplied without loss of time. When the battalion will march by the oblique step, as ordered, till they have recovered their distance, and receive the command.

Baron Von Steuben’s Revolutionary War Drill Manual: A Facsimile Reprint of the 1794 Edition

When a lieutenant colonel or major commands a regiment, the quarter guard is to pay him the same honors as are ordered to a colonel.


Bring the firelock to the left shoulder, throwing it up a little, and catching it below the tail pipe, and instantly seize it with the left hand at the butt.

The arms and accoutrements of the officers, non-commissioned officers, and soldiers, should be uniform throughout. Reviews User-contributed reviews Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. Open columns may in the same manner be formed by the left, center, of any particular platoon, the officers taking care to preserve their proper distances.

The infantry will on all occasions encamp by battalions, as they are formed in the order of battle. The state having entrusted him with the care of a regiment, his greatest ambition should be to have it at all times and in every respect as complete as possible: Quitting the piece with the right hand, with the left bring it up to the shoulder, and seize it again with the right hand under the cock, as in the second motion of the secure.

Each platoon is to be told off into sections of four files; if there remain three files, they form a section; if two files, or less, they form one rank. At which he may refresh himself, by moving his hands or feet; but must not then sit down or quit his place, unless permitted so to do.

At the beating of the general, the troops are immediately to strike their tents, and load the waggons, which must then fall into the line of march for the baggage.

He should know every man of his company by name and character. The quartermaster, being charged with encamping and quartering the regiment, should be at all times acquainted with its strength, that he may require no more ground than is necessary, nor have more tents pitched than the number prescribed; for both which he is accountable. Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben.

Baron von Steuben’s Revolutionary War drill manual : a facsimile reprint of the 1794 edition

This last command is only for the sentinel relieving, and the one to be relieved; the former immediately approaching with the corporal, and having received his orders from the old sentry, takes his place; and the sentry relieved marches into the ranks, placing himself on the left of the rear rank. His record of drill instructions, written in brief installments, grew into the Regulations for the Order and Discipline of the Troops of the United States. Subjects Military law — United States. If the guard consists of no more than twelve men, it forms in one rank.

Don’t have an account? When the officer of the day arrives at the guard from whence he intends to begin his rounds, he will make himself known as such by giving the officer of the guard the parole. The Manual Exercise 1 st Poise—Firelock!

OK, I can get away with that because all my ancestors are German. Quit the butt with the left hand, and seize the firelock at the swell, bringing the arm close down upon the lock, the right hand being kept fast in this motion, and the piece upright. In performing it, the officers must be attentive that the soldiers bend their bodies a little forward, and do not open their files. A company thus drawn up is to be divided into two sections or platoons; the captain to take post on the right of the first platoon, covered by a sergeant; the lieutenant on the right of the second platoon, also covered by a sergeant; the ensign four paces behind the center of the company; the first sergeant two paces behind the centre of the first platoon, and the eldest corporal two paces behind the second platoon; the other two corporals are to be on the flanks of the front rank.


When all have entered but the two center platoons, that on the right faces to the right about, and marches twenty paces into the defile; when the officer commands. The utensils belonging to the tents are to be carried alternately by the men; and the non-commissioned officers of the squads are to be answerable that they are not lost or spoiled.

The whole step off, observing to feel the hand they wheel to, without crowding; the right hand man serving as a pivot for the rest to turn on, gains no ground, but turns on his heel; the officer will march on the flank, and when the wheeling is finished, command. When a column is formed by the right, and the nature of the ground will not permit its being displayed to the left, it may be displayed to the right in the following manner:. The non-commissioned officers are to visit their respective squads a quarter of an hour after tattoo beating; see that they are all present and retired to rest; and make their report to the commanding officer of the company.

The sentinel will then cry, Advance, abron Recently added by rgbrookingtrputmanEric. He soon became one of Washington’s most valued officers — an essential figure in the success of the American War of Independence.

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He must cause the roads leading to the enemy and to the next posts to be well reconnoitered by an officer of the guard, or for want of one, by an intelligent non-commissioned officer and some faithful men, inform himself of every thing necessary for his security, and use every possible precaution against a surprise. For the greater facility in maneuvering, each regiment consisting of more than one hundred and sixty files, is to be formed in two battalions fig.

However, formatting rules can vary widely between applications and fields of interest or drlll. Quit the firelock with the left hand, and with the right bring it down the right side, the butt on the ground, even with the toes of the right foot, the thumb of the con hand lying along the revplutionary, and the muzzle being kept at a little distance from the body.

The platoon of the right wing faces to the left; the other platoon faces to the right; and both pass in one division; the other platoons following in the same manner, except those of the center. If it be necessary to change the front of a line consisting of more than a brigade, the simplest and surest method is to form close columns, either by brigades or battalions, march them to the direction required, and display.

On which they pass the defile in one division.