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Removed RS Items. . ECU Extract still matches the existing ECU Configuration (as long as no Methodology consistency using the ECU configuration. [3] Specification of ECU Configuration Parameters (XML) . RS. Requirement Specification. DocumentCategory, TraceCategory. Specification of requirements . [3] Requirements on Communication. AUTOSAR SRS [4] Requirements on ECU Configuration. AUTOSAR RS ECU

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Whereas when CRC32 is selected, there will be decrease in processing time but increase in memory usage. For example, the DIO driver for a specific microcontroller has a fixed number of DIO ports and channels that can be configured. ParameterValue All specialized parameter values that are derived from ParameterValue are described in the sections below. These tools can be optimized to the particular task of configuring one BSW module and would likely be quite powerful.

Tool suppliers have a high degree of freedom in the approach their tools may take to ECU Configuration.

The configuration of the different modules is done in different sections of the overall description. Each port and each channel is represented by one Container see chapter 3.

The relationship between the EnumerationParamDef and the available EnumerationLiteralDefs is established using aggregations with the role name literal at the side of the EnumerationLiteralDef.

Choosing the right configuration class from the available variants is depending on the type of application and the design decision of the module implementer.

An example of the usage of a ChoiceContainerDef is shown in figure 3. How the ECU Configuration Description handles these definition types is described in the appropriate sections below. Link time parameters are typically used when delivering object code to the integrator.


String FunctionNameValue Figure 3. Depending on the number of specified configuration variants only a subset of these tags might be used. Link Type Container Def The method for generating these bit IDs is published in the autoasr and the effectiveness and uniqueness of the IDs is not in practice disputed.

The definition is done using UML class diagrams which is done on M2 level of metamodeling. This is described in section 3. This approach ra upon a configuragion framework: Since the foreign reference SignalDefinitionSystemDescription is present in the same container as the derived parameter definitions it is possible to address the reference directly using its name. The tool strategy and tooling details for ECU Configuration are out of scope for this specification, thus the following sections 2.

Automotive open system architecture. Since the module implementation fixes those configuration parameters, those values must be included in the base ECU configuration description and shall not be changed in later editing. Dependencies between tools, as well as the configuration work flow, might need to be expressed explicitly.

ConfigReferenceValue [ecuc sws ] The metamodel class ReferenceValue provides the mechanism autsoar reference to any model element of type Identifiable.

For this purpose an object representing the reference has to be used. Some parameters might be configured as pre-compile time or link time.

Specification of ECU Configuration

ReferenceDef The role name at the ReferenceDef has to be reference and the role name at the referenced container has to be destination see figure 3. Those errors need to be defined in the Dem module.

The configuration class of a parameter is typically not fixed in the standardized parameter definition since several variants are possible. Second, a choice in the referenced configuration container can be specified and the ECU Configuration Description has the freedom with restrictions to choose to which target type the reference is pointing to. It references the Standardized Module Definition that it refines. Due to the flexibility that has to be achieved by the configuration language the configuration description is divided into two parts: The module source file needs this header file to resolve the references and module configuration source file will need to cross check the declaration of data type against the definition.


Specification of ECU Configuration

It provides a low initial tooling and training investment. Since this information is only available when the BSW Module has actually been implemented this information is mandatory in the Vendor Specific Configuration Parameter Definition. Therefore the EcuParameterDefinition defines a reference relationship to the definition of several Configkration Modules in the module attribute.

As defined for the M2 datatype Identifier, the shortName needs to be unique within the namespace it is declared in. Training and tooling costs are therefore likely to be lower. So the implementor of the module does not have complete freedom how the configuration classes are chosen for each individual configuration parameter. First, the hardware defines the number of instances that can be configured.

Link Type autodar to instance Description Table 3. As one can see in the example the reference value is decomposed of the context path of the instance and the reference to the instance itself.

Those editors may operate with user interaction, semi automatically or automatically, depending on module and implementation.

Definition of the languag used to specify the formula in attribute calculationFormula.