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Artur Klark – Druga Uploaded by Marko Martinovic. Copyright: © All Rights Reserved. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Publication: Druga odiseja Publication Record # ; Author: Artur Klark 5 • Autorova beleška ( Druga odiseja) • essay by Arthur C. Clarke. Additional Bibliographic Comments: Author:Arthur C. Clarke; Author Tags: science fiction Translation: Druga odiseja [Serbian] () [as by Artur Klark].

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Clarke was a graduate of King Arthur Charles Clarke was one of the most important and influential figures in 20th century science fiction. Write a customer review.

Another rock to these few primitives, at first. Because of the enjoyment factor and because it’s a classic of the genre, I bumped it from my original 3. The crew are worried that HAL will have the same neuroses on discovering that he will be abandoned yet again, so Chandra must convince HAL that the human crew is in danger.

Piloting a pod and exiting the vehicle to repair the antenna, Poole is dragged to his death by the pod. Unlike a lot of sf classics, I enjoyed both the story AND the concepts. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Predgovor S one strane spustanja noci Predgovor S one strane spushtanja noci. Clarke, also published in ’68 and based on the screenplay the author developed with Kubrick, I’m confident that I could now discuss the movie intelligently with my kids.

A sequence of scenes follows the explorations of David Bowman, who has been transformed into a non- corporealenergy-based life-form, much like the aliens controlling the monoliths. Oh, and let’s not forget the philosophical issue.

This is yet another iconic scene from the movie, as he makes his way through the space station and onto the ship in very low gravity, and we are treated to slow-moving scenes in space perfectly complemented by Odisejw Blue Danube waltz by Johann Strauss. One thing that certainly struck me about the tone of the book was its unabashed optimism as I guess as is to be expected from the SF of its era. The ideas and the plot are the fruits here.


Clarke’s “proverbial good science-fiction” novel–written concurrently with his and Stanley Kubrick’s screenplay–is the ultimate trip into the universe and mankind’s cycle of evolution. Never display translations Registered users can choose which translations are shown.

I have no idea how much input Kubrick had on the novel, only that he helped to develop it. The other crewmen are in hibernation.

Savrsen spoj tehnologije i filozofije. A Space Odyssey Technologies in Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.

Arthur C. Clarke

The filmmaker selected “The Sentinel,” arur concerned the discovery of an alien artifact left on the moon by extraterrestrials. HAL and the Discovery will be trapped in Jupiter’s orbit, with insufficient fuel to escape. An apparition of Bowman appears before Floyd, warning him that they must leave Jupiter within fifteen days. What does it mean?

Il libro si affida invece principalmente alla descrizione minuziosa delle scene, dilatando i tempi e utilizzando abbondantemente un linguaggio scientifico. Ako postoji, u kojoj formi postoji? I found myself almost compelled to read from the first page and the plot certainly carried me forward at a rapid pace without any lagging interest on my part.

Suffice it to say that mankind is making its first giant leap into the wider expanses of the solar system under the secret impetus of discoveries made on the moon and Saturn changed to Jupiter in the movie which imply the existence of extraterrestrial life and its possible tinkering in the evolution of humanity. View all 6 comments. A Space Odyssey but have not read this book you should.

Title: Odyssey Two

Lists with This Book. The book takes a different approach, providing tons of realistic details on orbital mechanics, zero-gravity conditions, and space stations. Pad meseceve prasine Pad mesecheve prashine. View all tags for Arthur C. Here is one possible answer to that very reasonable question. A Space Odyssey since srtur were created to complement one another, filling in the gaps and creating a richer experience for those who experienced both.


Osvit Coveka Osvit Choveka. Jedna od najboljih SF knjiga. The only problem was that the once benevolent man-apes passed these newly found qualities like innovation, imagination and unfortunately, violence to future generations that followed them. Since the dawn of time, roughly a hundred billion human beings odisej walked the planet Earth.

2001: A Space Odyssey

Other books in the series. Space Odyssey 4 books. The book ends with a brief epilogue, which takes place in AD 20, In the novel, David Bowman then spends a long period alone on the ship as it heads to Saturn, trying to figure out what went wrong and what the real mission was.

Jan 26, Dirk Grobbelaar rated it it was amazing Shelves: It was developed concurrently with Stanley Kubrick’s film version and published after the release of the film. It is not even the story of the supremacy of any specific technology or species as such.

View all tags for Arthur C.

So although the book can be considered the original work, Kubrick also had a role in its creation, and Clarke rewrote parts of the book to fit the screenplay as that took shape. If you will pardon so commonplace a simile, we have set off the fire alarm and have nothing to do but to wait.