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de materia búsqueda de artículos · Home Page lista alfabética de revistas at the 18 Reunión de la Sociedad Española de Urgencias de Pediatría (SEUP), held Los síntomas y signos son similares a los clásicos de la apendicitis, aunque. quirúrgicamente el apéndice. La operación se hace para remover un apéndice infectado. Cuando un apéndice está infectado, condición llamada apendicitis. escala COMFORT en la evaluación de sedación en la Unidad de índice de autores · índice de materia búsqueda de artículos · Home Page · lista alfabética de.

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Factors responsible for the high perforation rate seen in early chilhood appendicitis. An unexpected finding in our study was the predominance of the female sex in patients younger than 2 years that has not been found in other samples, which may have been due to the small sample size. Key words appendicitis, acute, preschool, children. Administration and dosing of gentamicin.

The rate of false negatives in perforated group was Prospective validation of the pediatric appendicitis score. The use of ultrasound in low clinical probability cases of appendicitis could rise unnecessary surgery rate, due to the significant number of false positives in this group of patients.

Further and well-designed studies on NOT are required, especially on its safety, as it seems to be efficacious and in view of the advantages of non-operative treatment for patients. Br J Gen Pract. We did not find data on mortality. Prospective validation of the pediatric appendicitis score in a Canadian pediatric emergency department.

[Appendicitis versus nonspecific acute abdominal pain: diagnostic accuracy of ultrasound].

The authors used the Jadad scale to assess the quality of one randomised controlled trial and the methodological index for nonrandomized studies MINORS for nonrandomised studies. The prophylaxis of surgical infection: Demographic, clinical, laboratory, imaging, anatomical pathology and surgical complications data were recorded and analyzed.


The aim of this study is to assess the diagnostic accuracy of ultrasound to differentiate appendicitis from nonspecific acute abdominal pain, that is the most common process requiring differential diagnosis in clinical practice. The sample included 48 boys and 34 girls, resulting in a 1.

Reset password If you need to reset your password please enter your email and click the Send button. Log in New user. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. Scientific rigour or validity: I forgot my password. Applicability to clinical practice: La evidencia presentada en este resumen es aplicable a pacientes con laringitis leve, moderada o severa. Linking to this website is permitted, and we promote and encourage it. The scarcity of the data required for the application of the PAS evinces the lack of standardisation in the management of abdominal pain in cases of suspected appendicitis, as the management does not systematically gather information for all the items in the different validated scales, in addition to the limitations characteristic of a retrospective study.

There were no deaths in apensicitis sample under study.

Ultrasonido abdominal pediátrico

The low incidence of this entity in this age group and the nonspecificity of some of its symptoms result in a low level of suspicion on the part of the clinician and in delayed diagnosis, with the consequent delay in therapeutic intervention. Nonsevere acute otitis media: If you need to reset your password please enter your email and click the Send button.

Acute appendicitis in the first two years of life.

World J Surg, 25pp. Nebulized budesonide for children with mild-to-moderate croup. Los corticoides utilizados fueron prednisona, dexametasona, metilprednisolona, prednisolona y budesonida.

Conclusions The diagnosis of acute appendicitis in children younger than 4 years continues to be a challenge. This score will be useful for an organized evaluation of paediatric patients with suspected appendicitis; however, it should not replace the surgeon clinical judgement Palabras clave: Co-amoxiclav in recurrent acute otitis media: J Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. This does not involve any property or responsibility of this journal site on the content of such links, pediaria on the updating or access conditions.


Systemic corticosteroids constitute standard treatment in children with acute obstructive laryngitis croup. To evaluate the efficacy of abdominal ultrasonographyin the diagnosis of acute appendicitis in our hospital. The primary outcome was discharge from hospital without appendectomy during the initial episode.

Rendimiento de la ecografía abdominal en el diagnóstico de apendicitis aguda | Anales de Pediatría

Suspected appendicitis in children: Persistence of middle ear dysfunction after recurrent acute otitis media. Acute appendicitis in preschool age children.

Ultrasonography and limited computed tomography in the diagnosis and management of apendicitis in children. There was significant heterogeneity in the duration of followup established to define recurrence, which is a key element in the assessment of efficacy. Cases of nonspecific acute abdominal pain and appendicitis assessed by ultrasound were enrolled in the study. Appendicitis; diagnostic score; white blood cell count; C-reactive protein. Likewise, imaging tests do not allow a definitive diagnosis in every case.

Br J Gen Pract. Pediatr Infect Dis J. As for diagnostic tests, previous case series are consistent in showing low specificity for the laboratory parameters, although the absence of leukocytosis and neutrophilia makes the diagnosis of appendicitis improbable.