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Antz Novie Script by Todd Alcott Chris Weitz Paul Weitz – Screenplay and Movie Scripts. Movie Script – A N T Z . One worker ants slips, and the boulder rolls down, crushing his leg. Z looks back, and sees the ants behind staring at him angrily. Antz. Script Library >> Antz. Synopsis: A rather neurotic ant tries to break from his Writer(s): Todd Alcott (screenplay), Chris Weitz (screenplay), 1 more credit?.

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It’s bound to be out there somewhere. I was in the neighborhood and I thought I’d drop in. But now, you’re a war hero.

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And that’s just what we need to start our new colony. This guy’s idea of a romantic night out is two seats at a public execution.

Too bad for him. Below us right now, the weak elements of the colony But now, you can forget that.


I got a name. You see, our princess has, uh, gone missing, and we’re just sick about it.

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I can see clearly now The rain is gone [ Burps ] I can see all obstacles in my way Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind – [ Ladybug ] Pardon us.

If you’ll just wait right here, we’ll fetch you a little something. That’s why you’re my little cuddly-widdles. Are you out of your puny little mind?

Let’s be rational about this. We’d better get outta here. General, we’ve been at peace with that colony for years. Scresnplay exercise the arms and the thorax. What are you doing? But in spite of your limitations, you are going to finish this tunnel on schedule. To some, it is just a word. Attack a termite colony, sir?

Well, a few seconds isn’t much, but I guess if it’s quality time– So, how was your day?

Screeenplay Someday you’ll thank me. Don’t we need the queen’s approval to declare war? Don’t you get it? My father was-was basically a drone, like I’ve said. He’s, uh– – Dead. I-I-I feel physically inadequate. Call me crazy, but– [ Clears Throat ] I have a thing about drinking from the anus of another creature.


And I’m working with a new therapist, you know, terrific, absolutely terrific. I guess I was looking for a little trouble. Our platoon has the best assignment– first into battle.

You have discipline, courage, ability. I-I-I think everything must go back to the fact General, I know there’s been a glitch or two.

I’ve had enough out of you. You were born two seconds after me.

Help us build a bigger, better colony.