Sustainable And Luxurious Morukuru Beach Home

Winter is starting and everything is pale (or snowy) around and we lack sunshine. That’s why I decided to light up your days, guys, with Morukuru beach home located in South Africa. Looking at this dwelling you’ll feel sunshine and sea breeze on your skin.

Morukuru beach home is a luxurious off-the-grid retreat combining aesthetic and commitment to sustainable living. It’s situated on a secluded spot known for its white sand dunes, limestone cliffs, abundant fynbos and prime whale-watching. The architects decided on as much glass as possible to catch all the gorgeous views of the surroundings. Interior designer Janine Feikes-Butter incorporated as many regional products as possible and traditional and folksy influences of South Africa and also brought the outside in with woven additions, organic textures and wooden details.

While the bar’s palette is predominantly black and white, yellow bursts draw the eye and connect the space to the designer’s overarching scheme. In the bedrooms, the designer went for combinations of yellow, green and blue to reflect the environment and the flora and fauna. In the dining area, she concentrated on marine hues to emphasize the color of the sea. The house is  where the owners can relax.

Wood merges with stone in the en-suite bathrooms, whose water is drawn from a natural borehole and heated by pellet burners. The designer echoed the surrounds through natural textures: from mats on the floors to baskets on the walls, there’s a plethora of organic woven additions that result in a tactile aesthetic with an inherently South African feel. Whale chandeliers and sculptures were specially commissioned for the project to remind of the whales going around. Ambience is achieved with a selection of custom fittings that rely on electricity generated from solar panels on the roof, while and pullet burner boilers provide heating.

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